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  2. Black Hills Ammunition - Wikipedia

    Black Hills Ammunition is an American ammunition and reloading supplies manufacturing company [1] [2] based in Rapid City, South Dakota .

  3. List of the United States Army munitions by supply catalog ...

    The M1 ammo crate held a total of 1,000 belted or linked rounds packed in 4 M1 ammo boxes and the later M1A1 ammo crate held a total of 1,000 belted or 1,100 linked rounds packed in M1A1 ammo boxes. There were two .50 M2 ammo boxes to a crate (for a total of 220 belted or 210 linked rounds) with a volume of 0.93 cubic feet.

  4. List of military headstamps - Wikipedia

    The ammunition was bulk-packed in standard 20-round cartons without stripper clips to maximize the amounts delivered and the packaging was marked in the Chinese language. In 1944 there was a contract to make 30-million modified Springfield -type Mauser -compatible stripper clips which were bulk-packed in ammo cans.

  5. Classes of supply - Wikipedia

    Class III – POL – Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL) (package and bulk): Petroleum, fuels, lubricants, hydraulic and insulating oils, preservatives, liquids and gases, bulk chemical products, coolants, deicer and antifreeze compounds, components, and additives of petroleum and chemical products, and coal. Class IV – Construction ...

  6. Ammunition - Wikipedia

    Ammunition is the material fired, scattered, dropped, or detonated from any weapon or weapon system. [1] Ammunition is both expendable weapons (e.g., bombs, missiles, grenades, land mines) and the component parts of other weapons that create the effect on a target (e.g., bullets and warheads ).

  7. Ammunition box - Wikipedia

    M2 Browning with metal ammunition box Paperboard boxes of .22 rifle ammunition. An ammunition box or cartridge box is a container designed for safe transport and storage of ammunition.

  8. Federal Premium Ammunition - Wikipedia

    Federal Premium Ammunition is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, located in Anoka, Minnesota. With a workforce of nearly 1,500, Federal manufactures shotshell, centerfire, and rimfire ammunition and components.

  9. 2008–2016 United States ammunition shortage - Wikipedia–2016_United_States...

    The 2008–2016 United States ammunition shortage was a shortage of civilian small arms ammunition in the United States that started in late 2008, [1] and continued through most or all of 2010, with an additional shortage beginning in December 2012 and continuing throughout 2013.