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  2. Estimated date of delivery - Wikipedia

    The estimated date of delivery ( EDD ), also known as expected date of confinement, [1] and estimated due date or simply due date, is a term describing the estimated delivery date for a pregnant woman. [2] Normal pregnancies last between 38 and 42 weeks. [3] Children are delivered on their expected due date about 4% of the time.

  3. Pregnancy - Wikipedia

    Naegele's rule is a standard way of calculating the due date for a pregnancy when assuming a gestational age of 280 days at childbirth. The rule estimates the expected date of delivery (EDD) by adding a year, subtracting three months, and adding seven days to the origin of gestational age.

  4. Childbirth - Wikipedia

    500,000 maternal deaths a year [5] Childbirth, also known as labour or delivery, is the ending of pregnancy where one or more babies exits the birthing parent by passing through the vagina or by Caesarean section. [7] In 2099. , there were about 140.11 million births globally. [9] In the developed world most deliveries occur in hospitals, [10 ...

  5. Gestational age - Wikipedia

    Gestational age. Gestational age is a measure of the age of a pregnancy which is taken from the beginning of the woman's last menstrual period (LMP), or the corresponding age of the gestation as estimated by a more accurate method if available. Such methods include adding 14 days to a known duration since fertilization (as is possible in in ...

  6. Birth rate - Wikipedia

    The total (crude) birth rate (which includes all births)—typically indicated as births per 1,000 population—is distinguished from a set of age-specific rates (the number of births per 1,000 persons, or more usually 1,000 females, in each age group). The first known use of the term "birth rate" in English was in 1859.

  7. Babylonia - Wikipedia

    Babylonia ( / ˌbæbɪˈloʊniə /; Akkadian: 𒆳𒆍𒀭𒊏𒆠, māt Akkadī) was an ancient Akkadian-speaking state and cultural area based in central-southern Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) and parts of Syria. A small Amorite -ruled state emerged in 1894 BC, which contained the minor administrative town of Babylon. [1]

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    related to: calculating baby due dates