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  2. Higher education in Quebec - Wikipedia

    1945 – 1959: - Period of rapid economic and population growth: due to high birth rate and immigration - Postwar industrial development led to a new middle class (Quebec society was still rural and was categorized according to religion and language) - French Quebec had the highest elementary school drop out rate (52% from grade 2 to grade 8) in Canada, and English Quebec the lowest (10% ...

  3. Pteropus - Wikipedia

    Pteropus (suborder Yinpterochiroptera) is a genus of megabats which are among the largest bats in the world. They are commonly known as fruit bats or flying foxes, among other colloquial names.

  4. Jim Morrison - Wikipedia

    James Douglas Morrison (December 8, 1943 – July 3, 1971) was an American singer, poet, film maker and songwriter who was the lead vocalist of the rock band the Doors.Due to his unpredictable personality, poetic lyrics, distinctive voice, unpredictable and erratic performances, and the dramatic circumstances surrounding his life and early death, Morrison is regarded by music critics and fans ...

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