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  2. Capital punishment in the United States - Wikipedia

    Capital punishment has been abolished in 23 states and in the federal capital, Washington, D.C. Capital punishment is, in practice, only applied for aggravated murder. Although it is a legal penalty in 27 states, only 20 states have the ability to execute death sentences, with the other seven, as well as the federal government, being subject to ...

  3. Capital punishment in the Bahamas - Wikipedia

    Capital punishment in the Bahamas is a legal punishment, and is conducted by hanging at Fox Hill Prison. The last execution in the country was on January 6, 2000. As of August 2012, only one convict, Mario Flowers, was under the sentence of death. Flowers' death sentence was commuted in 2016.

  4. Capital punishment - Wikipedia

    Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, is a state-sanctioned practice of killing a person as a punishment for a crime. The sentence ordering that an offender is to be punished in such a manner is known as a death sentence, and the act of carrying out the sentence is known as an execution.

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  6. Sport in Kenya - Wikipedia

    Sport is an important element of Kenyan culture.Various indigenous traditional sports have prevailed in Kenyan culture from its earliest history. Some of the traditional games and sports prevalent in Kenya since antiquity have included wrestling, racing exercises, stick fights, hunting (using spears and arrows), board games, bull fights and dances.

  7. Religion and capital punishment - Wikipedia

    Furthermore, capital punishment is a frequent practice to which totalitarian regimes and fanatical groups resort, for the extermination of political dissidents, minorities, and every individual labelled as “dangerous” or who might be perceived as a threat to their power or to the attainment of their objectives. As in the first centuries and ...

  8. Al-Shabaab (militant group) - Wikipedia

    Also in 2010, and prior to its expulsion from Mogadishu the following year, al-Shabaab launched a television news channel, Al-Kataib News. The group has also been known to conduct military parades in its territories, as a show of force. Propaganda films

  9. Fake news - Wikipedia

    Fake news is false or misleading information presented as news. The term is a neologism (a new or re-purposed expression that is entering the language, driven by culture or technology changes). Fake news, or fake news websites, have no basis in fact, but are presented as being factually accurate.