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  2. Incorporation (business) - Wikipedia

    One significant legal benefit is the protection of personal assets against the claims of creditors and lawsuits. Sole proprietors and general partners in a partnership are personally and jointly responsible for all the legal liability (LL) of a business such as loans, accounts payable, and legal judgments.

  3. JPMorgan named most important bank to health of financial system

    JPMorgan had a core equity ratio of 12.9% of capital to risk-weighted assets at the end of September, well above the minimum 11.3% set out by the Federal Reserve, according to a filing from the bank.

  4. City of Capitals - Wikipedia

    The City of Capitals (Russian: Город Столиц, tr. Gorod Stolits) is a mixed-use complex composed of two skyscrapers and an office building located on plot 9 in the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow, Russia with a total area of 288,680 square metres (3,107,300 sq ft).

  5. Plaid (company) - Wikipedia

    Plaid is a financial services company based in San Francisco, California.The company builds a data transfer network that powers fintech and digital finance products.. Plaid's product, a technology platform, enables applications to connect with users’ bank accounts.

  6. The Federal Reserve chair decision looms: What's at stake

    The Fed was one of the last of the major central banks to join the Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System , a global cohort designed to facilitate international ...

  7. Jean-Baptiste Say - Wikipedia

    Jean-Baptiste Say (French: [ʒɑ̃batist sɛ]; 5 January 1767 – 15 November 1832) was a liberal French economist and businessman who argued in favor of competition, free trade and lifting restraints on business.

  8. Hotels in London - Wikipedia

    The Guoman Tower Hotel (formerly Thistle) near Tower Bridge is one of the largest hotels in London with over 800 bedrooms, and is regarded by some as one of the ugliest - it was twice voted the second ugliest building in London, in a 2005 Time Out poll, and in a 2006 BBC poll - and most insensitively located brutalist buildings in the city.

  9. Dr. Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech: Full text

    On a hot summer day in 1963, more than 200,000 demonstrators calling for civil rights joined Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.