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  2. Carrie Furnace - Wikipedia

    Carrie Furnace. /  40.4130806°N 79.8900778°W  / 40.4130806; -79.8900778. Carrie Furnace is a former blast furnace located along the Monongahela River in the Pittsburgh area industrial town of Swissvale, Pennsylvania, and it had formed a part of the Homestead Steel Works. The Carrie Furnaces were built in 1884 and they operated until 1982.

  3. Information Age - Wikipedia

    In 1962 AT&T deployed the T-carrier for long-haul pulse-code modulation (PCM) digital voice transmission. The T1 format carried 24 pulse-code modulated, time-division multiplexed speech signals each encoded in 64 kbit/s streams, leaving 8 kbit/s of framing information which facilitated the synchronization and demultiplexing at the receiver.

  4. Carrier Global - Wikipedia

    United Technologies (1979–2020) Concepcion-Carrier Air-Conditioning Company. (Philippines) Carrier Global Corporation is an American multinational heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, and fire and security equipment corporation based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Carrier was founded in 1915 as an independent ...

  5. FAA still short about 3,000 air traffic controllers, new ...

    May 14, 2024 at 3:38 PM. Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg/Getty Images. Despite a surge in hiring last year, air traffic control stations nationwide are still about 3,000 controllers short, according to ...

  6. Air conditioning - Wikipedia

    There are various types of air conditioners. Popular examples include: Window-mounted air conditioner (Suriname, 1955); Ceiling-mounted cassette air conditioner (China, 2023); Wall-mounted air conditioner (Japan, 2020); and ceiling-mounted console (Also called ceiling suspended) air conditioner (China, 2023).

  7. Willis Carrier - Wikipedia

    Willis Haviland Carrier (November 26, 1876 – October 7, 1950) was an American engineer, best known for inventing modern air conditioning. Carrier invented the first electrical air conditioning unit in 1902. In 1915, he founded Carrier Corporation, a company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of heating, ventilation, and air ...

  8. HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) - Wikipedia

    HMS Queen Elizabeth is the lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth class of aircraft carriers and the Fleet Flagship of the Royal Navy.Capable of carrying 60 aircraft including fixed wing, rotary wing and autonomous vehicles, she is named in honour of the first HMS Queen Elizabeth, a World War I era super-dreadnought, which in turn was named after Queen Elizabeth I.

  9. List of aircraft carriers of the United States Navy - Wikipedia

    The first aircraft carrier commissioned into the U.S. Navy was USS Langley on 20 March 1922. The Langley was a converted Proteus-class collier , originally commissioned as USS Jupiter (AC-3). [1] It was soon followed by the other pre- World War II classes: the Lexington class ; USS Ranger , the first U.S. purpose-built carrier; the Yorktown ...

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    related to: carrier furnace led codes 3 short 3 long
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