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  2. Actifed - Wikipedia

    However, in response to widespread laws requiring products containing pseudoephedrine to be kept behind the pharmacy counter, Pfizer changed Actifed's U.S. formula in late 2006 to contain phenylephrine HCl 10 mg as the nasal decongestant and chlorpheniramine maleate 4 mg as the antihistamine before the product was reacquired by GSK.

  3. Integration by substitution - Wikipedia

    In calculus, integration by substitution, also known as u-substitution, reverse chain rule or change of variables, is a method for evaluating integrals and antiderivatives. It is the counterpart to the chain rule for differentiation , and can loosely be thought of as using the chain rule "backwards".

  4. Formula - Wikipedia

    A structural formula is a drawing that shows the location of each atom, and which atoms it binds to. In computing. In computing, a formula typically describes a calculation, such as addition, to be performed on one or more variables. A formula is often implicitly provided in the form of a computer instruction such as.

  5. Logarithm - Wikipedia

    Several important formulas, sometimes called logarithmic identities or logarithmic laws, relate logarithms to one another.. Product, quotient, power, and root. The logarithm of a product is the sum of the logarithms of the numbers being multiplied; the logarithm of the ratio of two numbers is the difference of the logarithms.

  6. History of Formula One regulations - Wikipedia

    The 1960s began the way the previous decade had ended for Formula One's rule book with relatively few changes made. However, with the advent of a new breed of innovative and forward thinking designers like Colin Chapman and the beginnings of drivers lobbying for safer racing conditions, the number of rule changes made began to accelerate as the decade came to a close.

  7. Formula E - Wikipedia

    Formula E, officially the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, is a single-seater motorsport championship for electric cars. The series was conceived in 2011 in Paris by FIA president Jean Todt and Spanish businessman Alejandro Agag , who is also the current chairman of Formula E Holdings . [2]

  8. New Coke - Wikipedia

    New Coke was a new formula for the soft drink Coca-Cola, introduced by the Coca-Cola Company in 1985. It was renamed Coke II in 1990 and discontinued in July 2002.. By 1985, Coca-Cola had been losing market share to diet soft drinks and non-cola beverages for several years.

  9. List of Formula One records - Wikipedia

    List of Formula One records may refer to: List of Formula One driver records; List of Formula One constructor records; List of Formula One engine records; List of Formula One tyre records; List of Formula One race records