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  2. Academic grading in the United States - Wikipedia

    Additionally, many schools add .33 for a plus (+) grade and subtract .33 for a minus (−) grade. Thus, a B+ yields a 3.33 whereas an A− yields a 3.67. [19] A-plusses, if given, are usually assigned a value of 4.0 (equivalent to an A) due to the common assumption that a 4.00 is the best possible grade-point average, although 4.33 is awarded ...

  3. Academic grading in Singapore - Wikipedia

    For NAFA's master'a degree, the merit threshold is 4.5, while the minimum passing grade is 2.5. For NAFA's graduate diploma, the merit threshold is 4.0. For NUS' Doctor of Philosophy, master degrees and Graduate diploma, the minimum passing grades are 3.5, 3.0 and 2.5, respectively; there are no merit certifications.

  4. Graph paper - Wikipedia

    Graph paper, coordinate paper, grid paper, or squared paper is writing paper that is printed with fine lines making up a regular grid. The lines are often used as guides for plotting graphs of functions or experimental data and drawing curves. It is commonly found in mathematics and engineering education settings and in laboratory notebooks.

  5. California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

    The primary objective of the PSAA is to help schools improve the academic achievement of all students. From the 1970s, California students took the same statewide test, called the California Assessment Program (CAP). Many districts required additional tests, such as CTBS (California Test of Basic Skills) during that time.

  6. Ruled paper - Wikipedia

    School exercise books must use 8 mm spacing between the lines. Other ruled paper may use 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm and 9 mm spacing. The paper for cursive writing uses pairs of lines 4 mm apart, with 8 mm between the pairs. They may also have angled lines at 65 degrees to vertical to provide additional guidance.

  7. Grading systems by country - Wikipedia

    Slovenia. In elementary schools and secondary schools, a 5-point grading scale is used: 5 ( odlično, excellent, A) 4 ( prav dobro, very good, B) 3 ( dobro, good, C) 2 ( zadostno, sufficient, D) is the lowest passing grade. 1 ( nezadostno, insufficient, F) is the lowest possible grade, and the failing one. Grade.

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    related to: chart paper for schools grade 4