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  2. Graph paper - Wikipedia

    Isometric graph paper or 3D graph paper is a triangular graph paper which uses a series of three guidelines forming a 60° grid of small triangles. The triangles are arranged in groups of six to make hexagons. The name suggests the use for isometric views or pseudo-three-dimensional views. Among other functions, they can be used in the design ...

  3. Ruled paper - Wikipedia

    Ruled paper (or lined paper) is writing paper printed with lines as a guide for handwriting. The lines often are printed with fine width and in light colour and such paper is sometimes called feint-ruled paper. Additional vertical lines may provide margins, act as tab stops or create a grid for plotting data; for example, graph paper ( squared ...

  4. Mimeograph - Wikipedia

    t. e. A mimeograph machine (often abbreviated to mimeo, sometimes called a stencil duplicator or stencil machine) was a low-cost duplicating machine that worked by forcing ink through a stencil onto paper. [1] The process was called mimeography, and a copy made by the process was a mimeograph . Mimeographs, along with spirit duplicators and ...

  5. Flip chart - Wikipedia

    The paper is flipped from one side of the top of the triangle box to the other. metallic tripod (or easel) stand: usually has 3 or 4 metallic legs that are linked together at one extremity. A support board is attached to two of these legs to support the large paper pad. This is the most common type of flip chart stand.

  6. Academic grading in the United States - Wikipedia

    Below is the grading system found to be most commonly used in United States public high schools, according to the 2009 High School Transcript Study. This is the most used grading system; however, there are some schools that use an edited version of the college system, which means 89.5 or above becomes an A average, 79.5 becomes a B, and so on.

  7. The Chart (newspaper) - Wikipedia

    As a student at Missouri Southern’s predecessor Joplin Junior College, Kenneth McCaleb (1920-2002) saw a need for a student newspaper. In the fall of 1939, the first issue of The Chart appeared on the school’s campus. McCaleb had chosen the name The Chart to serve as a scale to measure the school’s success, having only been founded in 1937.

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    related to: chart paper for schools to make free