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  2. 9×19mm Parabellum - Wikipedia×19mm_Parabellum

    The 9×19mm Parabellum (also known as 9mm PARA, 9mm Luger, 9mm NATO or simply as 9mm) is a rimless, centerfire, tapered firearms cartridge . Originally designed by Austrian firearm designer Georg Luger in 1901, [6] it is widely considered the most popular handgun and submachine gun cartridge due to its low cost, adequate stopping power and ...

  3. 9×23mm Largo - Wikipedia×23mm_Largo

    Compared to the 9×19mm Luger +P, performance is also lower but at lower pressure in the 9×23mm Largo. While external dimensions are almost identical, the 9×23mm Largo is a very different cartridge from the modern, high-performance 9×23mm Winchester. Firing the thicker-walled 9×23mm Winchester round in a 9×23mm Largo pistol is dangerous ...

  4. 9mm Winchester Magnum - Wikipedia

    Velocity. Energy. 115 gr (7 g) MC. 1,450 ft/s (440 m/s) 537 ft⋅lbf (728 J) Source (s): SAAMI [1] The 9mm Winchester Magnum, which is also known as the 9×29mm, is a centerfire handgun cartridge developed by Winchester in the late 1970s. The cartridge was developed to duplicate the performance of the .357 S&W Magnum in an auto-pistol cartridge.

  5. 9×21mm - Wikipedia×21mm

    The 9×21mm pistol cartridge (also known as the 9×21mm GP, 9×21mm IMI, 9mm IMI, 9×21mm Italian, or 9mm Italian) was designed by Jager (Loano, Italy), then adopted and commercialised by Israel Military Industries for those jurisdictions where military service cartridges, like the 9×19mm Parabellum, are or were illegal for civilian purchase (i.e. Italy, France, Brazil, and Mexico).

  6. 9 mm caliber - Wikipedia

    9 mm caliber. This is a list of firearm cartridges that have bullets in the 9 millimeters (0.35 in) to 9.99 millimeters (0.393 in) caliber range. Case length refers to the round case length. OAL refers to the overall length of the loaded round. All measurements are given in millimeters, followed by the equivalent in inches between parentheses.

  7. List of submachine guns - Wikipedia

    9mm caseless United States: 1967-1974 SMG MAC-10: Military Armament Corporation.45 ACP United States: 1970-1973 SMG, MP MAC-11: Military Armament Corporation .380 ACP United States: 1972-present SMG, MP Minebea PM-9: Minebea Co. 9×19mm Parabellum Japan: 1990 SMG Madsen M-50: Dansk Industri Syndikat: 9×19mm Parabellum Denmark: 1950/1953-? SMG ...

  8. 9×23mm Winchester - Wikipedia×23mm_Winchester

    Archived from the original on June 20, 2009. Retrieved 2008-10-17. </ref> SAAMI [1] The 9×23mm Winchester is a pistol cartridge developed as a joint venture by Winchester Ammunition and Colt's Manufacturing Company. [2] The 9×23mm Winchester has a convoluted development history, but was commercially introduced by Winchester in 1996.

  9. 9mm P.A.K. - Wikipedia

    9mm P.A. ( Pistole Automatik, German for "automatic pistol"), 9×22mm or 9mm P.A.K. ( Pistole Automatik Knall, "automatic blank pistol") is a firearm cartridge for a non-lethal gas pistol noisemaking gun. Caliber 9mm P.A. includes various blank, gas or rubber ammunitions made for different use. 9mm P.A. Blank has also been used for theatrical ...