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  2. 2020–present United States ammunition shortage - Wikipedia–present_United...

    The 2020–present United States ammunition shortage is the most recent of all the ammunition shortages in the United States. It arose out of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, the 2020 United States presidential election, and the George Floyd protests. The lack of sufficient ammunition for consumers in the United States is to some ...

  3. List of firearm brands - Wikipedia

    Gas-piston-operated weapon systems, firearm accessories, drop-in triggers, patriotic artwork, bolt carriers, bolts, upper receivers, barrel nut heatsinks, E^2 (E-Squared) barrels Proarms Proarms Armory Czech Republic Civilian, law enforcement, military Remington Eliphalet Remington: Remington Arms: United States Civilian combat Ruger William B ...

  4. Improvised firearm - Wikipedia

    Improvised firearm. A homemade pistol, confiscated by the Swedish Police. Given to the Museum of Vänersborg in 1985. Improvised firearms (sometimes called zip guns, pipe guns, or slam guns) are firearms manufactured other than by a firearms manufacturer or a gunsmith, and are typically constructed by adapting existing materials to the purpose.

  5. Gun laws in Indiana - Wikipedia

    IC 35-47-2-7 prohibits transfer or sale of firearms to any person with a felony conviction. IC 35-47-4-5 prohibits possession of firearms for convictions of "serious violent felonies". While Indiana law mirrors federal law for the most part, it does not ban those with non-violent felonies from possession of firearms.

  6. Ammunition - Wikipedia

    Ammunition. A belt of 0.50 caliber ammunition loaded into an M2 Browning. Every fifth round (red tip) is an M20 (armor piercing incendiary tracer). Ammunition is the material fired, scattered, dropped, or detonated from any weapon or weapon system. [1] Ammunition is both expendable weapons (e.g., bombs, missiles, grenades, land mines) and the ...

  7. List of handgun cartridges - Wikipedia

    Other cartridges used in handguns. Although not originally designed for handguns, several rifle and shotgun cartridges have also been chambered in a number of large handguns, primarily in revolvers like the Phelps Heritage revolver, Century Arms revolver, Thompson/Centre Contender break-open pistol, Magnum Research BFR, and the Pfeifer Zeliska revolvers.

  8. Browning Arms Company - Wikipedia

    Browning Arms Company (originally John Moses and Matthew Sandefur Browning Company) is an American marketer of firearms and fishing gear. The company was founded in Ogden, Utah, in 1878 by brothers John Moses Browning (1855–1926) and Matthew Sandefur Browning (1859–1923). The company offers a wide variety of firearms, including shotguns ...

  9. Guns & Ammo - Wikipedia

    Guns & Ammo is a magazine dedicated to firearms, hunting, competitive shooting, reloading, and other shooting-related activities in the United States. Content and Circulation [ edit ] The magazine offers reviews on firearms, ammunition, optics and shooting gear.