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  2. Housing affordability hits worst level in 37 years. It now takes 35.51% of the median household income to make a principal and interest payment on the average home.

  3. Johnson County, Kansas - Wikipedia,_Kansas

    Johnson County abbreviated as "JoCo", is a county in the U.S. state of Kansas.It is the county with the largest economy in the Kansas City metropolitan area along with being the most densely populated, wealthiest and having the lowest unemployment rate.

  4. Public Land Survey System - Wikipedia

    The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) is the surveying method developed and used in the United States to plat, or divide, real property for sale and settling. Also known as the Rectangular Survey System, it was created by the Land Ordinance of 1785 to survey land ceded to the United States by the Treaty of Paris in 1783, following the end of the American Revolution.

  5. Legal history of cannabis in the United States - Wikipedia

    Eight states and territories are listed with "sale of poisons" laws that specifically mention cannabis: North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Vermont, Maine, Montana; and the District of Columbia. Among those states that required a prescription for sale were Wisconsin and Louisiana.

  6. Zoning in the United States - Wikipedia

    Zoning codes vary by jurisdiction. As one example, residential zones might be coded as R1 for single-family homes, R2 for two-family homes, and R3 for multiple-family homes [citation needed] Legal challenges. There are several limitations to the ability of local governments in asserting police powers to control land use.

  7. John C. Frémont - Wikipediaémont

    John Charles Frémont or Fremont (January 21, 1813 – July 13, 1890) was an American explorer, military officer, and politician. He was a U.S. Senator from California, and, in 1856, was the first Republican nominee for president of the United States and founder of the California Republican Party when he was nominated.

  8. American frontier - Wikipedia

    The American frontier, also known as the Old West or the Wild West, encompasses the geography, history, folklore, and culture associated with the forward wave of American expansion in mainland North America that began with European colonial settlements in the early 17th century and ended with the admission of the last few western territories as states in 1912 (except Alaska, which was not ...

  9. Society of the United States - Wikipedia

    Shell, Ellen Ruppel, Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture, New York : Penguin Press, 2009. ISBN 978-1-59420-215-5; Swirski, Peter. American Utopia and Social Engineering in Literature, Social Thought, and Political History. New York, Routledge (2011) External links. A Quick Guide for Living in the US; Customs & Culture in the US