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  2. Earned income tax credit - Wikipedia

    Cynthia and Jerry Grey have two children ages 6 and 8. For tax year 2012, one spouse made $10,000 in wages and the other spouse made $15,000, plus the couple received $525 on interest from a savings account. Since they are into the phase-out range, their EIC will phase out by the greater of earned income or adjusted gross income.

  3. Finance - Wikipedia

    Financial managers – i.e. as opposed to corporate financiers – focus more on the short term elements of profitability, cash flow, and "working capital management" (inventory, credit and debtors), ensuring that the firm can safely and profitably carry out its financial and operational objectives; i.e. that it: (1) can service both maturing ...

  4. Capital gains tax in the United States - Wikipedia

    Its treatment of capital gains was comparable to current law, but it roughly doubled the standard deduction, while dropping personal exemptions in favor of a larger child tax credit. President Trump advocated using the bill to also repeal the shared responsibility payment, but Rep. Brady believed doing so would complicate passage.

  5. Scott Moe - Wikipedia

    As part of his pitch, Moe touted the province's success in handling the pandemic. He also appealed to homeowners with promises of rebates on energy bills and a home renovation tax credit. In March 2021, ahead of the release of the new provincial budget, Moe's finance minister signaled that the government would not balance the budget by 2024.

  6. Provisions of the Affordable Care Act - Wikipedia

    Section 1401(36B) of PPACA explains that each subsidy will be provided as an advanceable, refundable tax credit and gives a formula for its calculation. A refundable tax credit is a way to provide government benefits to individuals who may have no tax liability (such as the earned income tax credit). The formula was changed in the amendments ...

  7. Student loan - Wikipedia

    Student loans taken out between 1990 and 1998, in the introductory phase of the UK government's phasing in of student loans, were not subsequently collected through the tax system in the following years.

  8. Joe Manchin - Wikipedia

    As of February 2022, he had a lead in the polls. A September 2022 poll showed him trailing three potential Republican challengers by as much as 12%. Tenure Obama years (2010–2017) Manchin was first sworn in to the U.S. Senate by Vice President Joe Biden on November 15, 2010, succeeding interim Senator Carte Goodwin.

  9. British Post Office scandal - Wikipedia

    The 'Human Impact Hearings' opened on 14 February 2022, at Juxon House, in the City of London, expected to continue for most of the year. It is being streamed online. The Phase 2 hearings, covering the Horizon IT System procurement, design, pilot, roll out and modifications, are scheduled to start in the week commencing 10 October 2022.