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  2. Earned income tax credit - Wikipedia

    Tax Credit for case of one qualifying child. With one child and parent filing singly or as head of household, as of 2020: For income between $10,540 and $19,330, the tax credit is a constant "plateau" at $3,584. For income over $41,765, the tax credit is zero. This is represented by the lightest blue, solid line:

  3. IRS tax forms - Wikipedia

    Form 8812 The Additional child tax credit is a refundable tax credit. Form 8822 , Change of Address, is used to report a change of address to the Internal Revenue Service . Form 8850 , Pre-Screening Notice and Certification Request for the Work Opportunity Credit, is used in implementation of the federal government's Work Opportunity Tax Credit ...

  4. Canadian transfer payments - Wikipedia

    The health transfer is the largest of the three, with a combined cash and tax point value of $36.1 billion in the 2017-2018 budget. The social transfer has a cash and tax point value of $13.3 billion while the general equalization payments distributed $17.6 billion to six "have-not" provinces.

  5. Finance - Wikipedia

    Personal finance is defined as "the mindful planning of monetary spending and saving, while also considering the possibility of future risk". Personal finance may involve paying for education, financing durable goods such as real estate and cars, buying insurance, investing, and saving for retirement.

  6. 529 plan - Wikipedia

    A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment vehicle in the United States designed to encourage saving for the future higher education expenses of a designated beneficiary. In 2017, K–12 public, private, and religious school tuition were included as qualified expenses for 529 plans along with post-secondary education costs after passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

  7. Council Tax - Wikipedia

    Council Tax Benefit was a means-tested rebate that potentially rebated 100% of a claimant's Council Tax bill. The rebate would be reduced by a fifth of any qualifying income above a certain level; benefits did not qualify for this calculation, but most other income did. In effect, Council Tax Benefit was a rebate for people with low incomes.

  8. Tobin tax - Wikipedia

    But there was leakage of information prior to the announcement, which might explain the 5.35% price decline in the 30 days prior to the announcement. When the tax was doubled, prices again fell by another 1%. These declines were in line with the capitalized value of future tax payments resulting from expected trades.

  9. HM Revenue and Customs - Wikipedia

    EDS ran the Inland Revenue's tax and National Insurance system from 1994 to 2004. In 2003, the launch of a new tax credit system led to over-payments of £2 billion to over two million people. EDS later paid £71.25 million in compensation for the disaster. In 2004, the contract was awarded to Capgemini.