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  2. Columbia River Estuary - Wikipedia

    The Columbia River Estuary is situated on the Oregon – Washington border and the Pacific Coast of the United States. It was traditionally inhabited by the Chinook Native Americans and discovered by settlers in 1788. The Estuary plays host to a plethora of species of marine and terrestrial flora and fauna, and multiple conservation ...

  3. Columbia River - Wikipedia

    The Columbia River ( Upper Chinook: Wimahl or Wimal; Sahaptin: Nch’i-Wàna or Nchi wana; Sinixt dialect swah'netk'qhu) is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. [11] The river rises in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

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  5. Columbia River Treaty - Wikipedia

    The Columbia River Treaty is a 1961 agreement between Canada and the United States on the development and operation of dams in the upper Columbia River basin for power and flood control benefits in both countries. Four dams were constructed under this treaty: three in the Canadian province of British Columbia ( Duncan Dam, Mica Dam, Keenleyside ...

  6. Columbia River redband trout - Wikipedia

    The Columbia River redband trout, [1] the inland redband trout [2] or the interior redband trout [1] ( Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri) is one of three redband trout subspecies of the rainbow trout in the family Salmonidae. [3] It is native in the Columbia River and its tributaries in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Montana.

  7. List of WDF tournaments - Wikipedia

    The five World Darts Federation Major tournaments. The thirteen World Darts Federation Category One tournaments. The twenty six World Darts Federation Category Two tournaments. The thirty seven World Darts Federation Category Three tournaments. The four Major international events WDF World Cup (singles, pairs, team), WDF Americas Cup (singles ...

  8. List of steamboats on the Columbia River - Wikipedia

    Columbia: side genl 1850 Astoria, Oregon 90 27.4 75 1852 D: Columbia: 126880 stern psgr 1891 Little Dalles, WA: 152 46.3 534 378 1894 B: Columbia: C103892 prop tow 1896 Nakusp, BC 77 23.5 49 34 1920 D Columbia: 127689 stern psgr 1902 Blalock, Oregon: 77 23.5 159 106 1909 RN: Columbia: 202757 prop frt. 1905 Astoria, Oregon