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  2. Columbia River - Wikipedia

    The Columbia River ( Upper Chinook: Wimahl or Wimal; Sahaptin: Nch’i-Wàna or Nchi wana; Sinixt dialect swah'netk'qhu) is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. [11] The river rises in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

  3. List of steamboats on the Columbia River - Wikipedia

    Pasco, WA 58 17.7 37 37 1922 A Pastime: stern genl 1900 Coquille, Oregon 45 13.7 11 1901 Pearl: 150762 prop tow 1897 Portland, Oregon 45 13.7 10 8 1907 O Pearl: 206018 prop psgr 1909 Vancouver, WA 88 26.8 88 74 1958 D Pedler: 205068 stern frt. 1908 Marshfield, Oregon 124 37.8 407 350 1910 T-CA Pend Oreille: side psgr 1884 Lk.

  4. List of Superfund sites in Washington (state) - Wikipedia

    The NPL guides the EPA in "determining which sites warrant further investigation" for environmental remediation. [2] As of May 1, 2010, there were 48 Superfund sites on the National Priorities List in Washington. [2] Seventeen others have been cleaned up and removed from the list; no sites are currently proposed for addition.

  5. Columbia Slough - Wikipedia

    The maximum flow was 2,400 cubic feet per second (68 m 3 /s) on December 5, 1995, and the minimum flow (biggest reverse flow) was −6,700 cubic feet per second (−190 m 3 /s) on February 7, 1996, which coincided with a flood on the Columbia and Willamette rivers. [4] [11] [n 1] [n 2] [n 3]

  6. Columbia (1850 sidewheeler) - Wikipedia

    Columbia. (1850 sidewheeler) The Columbia was a steamboat built at Astoria, Oregon in 1850. It was the first steamboat built in the Oregon Territory, and the first to establish regular service on the lower Columbia and Willamette rivers. This vessel should not be confused with the many other craft with the same or a similar name, including in ...

  7. Fraser River - Wikipedia

    The Fraser River / ˈfreɪzər / is the longest river within British Columbia, Canada, rising at Fraser Pass near Blackrock Mountain in the Rocky Mountains and flowing for 1,375 kilometres (854 mi), into the Strait of Georgia just south of the City of Vancouver. [5] [9] It is the 11th longest river in Canada. [citation needed]

  8. Bonneville Dam - Wikipedia

    Bonneville Lock and Dam / ˈbɒnəvɪl / consists of several run-of-the-river dam structures that together complete a span of the Columbia River between the U.S. states of Oregon and Washington at River Mile 146.1. [6] The dam is located 40 miles (64 km) east of Portland, Oregon, in the Columbia River Gorge.

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    related to: columbia river tides vancouver wa