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  2. White Settlement police say they caught catalytic converter ...

    Catalytic converters easy to steal and contain precious metals that can fetch anywhere from $1,000 to $14,000 per ounce on the open market. Converters are used to clean a vehicle’s exhaust before...

  3. Conversion of units - Wikipedia

    Thus, it is found that 5 kilometers per second is equal to 5000 meters per second. Software tools. There are many conversion tools. They are found in the function libraries of applications such as spreadsheets databases, in calculators, and in macro packages and plugins for many other applications such as the mathematical, scientific and technical applications.

  4. Conversion (chemistry) - Wikipedia

    Conversion Conversion can be separated into instantaneous conversion and overall conversion. For continuous processes the two are the same, for batch and semi-batch there are important differences. Furthermore, for multiple reactants, conversion can be defined overall or per reactant. Instantaneous Conversion Semi-Batch

  5. Calculator - Wikipedia

    The answer, 34 is sent (shifted) back to the X register. From there, it is converted by the binary decoder unit into a decimal number (usually binary-coded decimal ), and then shown on the display panel. Other functions are usually performed using repeated additions or subtractions. Numeric representation Main article: Binary-coded decimal

  6. Geographic coordinate conversion - Wikipedia

    A coordinate system conversion is a conversion from one coordinate system to another, with both coordinate systems based on the same geodetic datum. Common conversion tasks include conversion between geodetic and earth-centered, earth-fixed ( ECEF) coordinates and conversion from one type of map projection to another.

  7. HVDC converter - Wikipedia

    HVDC converter - Wikipedia HVDC converter An HVDC converter converts electric power from high voltage alternating current (AC) to high-voltage direct current (HVDC), or vice versa. HVDC is used as an alternative to AC for transmitting electrical energy over long distances or between AC power systems of different frequencies. [1]

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