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  2. Clave (rhythm) - Wikipedia

    The standard bell is the key pattern used in bembé and so with compositions based on triple-pulse rhythms, it is the seven-stroke bell, rather than the five-stroke clave that is the most familiar to jazz musicians. Consequently, some North American musicians refer to the triple-pulse standard pattern as "6 8 clave".

  3. Myriam Francois - Wikipedia

    In 2003, at 21 years old, Francois converted to Islam after graduating from Cambridge. At the time, she was a sceptical Roman Catholic. She rejects the use of the words "convert" and "revert" as "exclusionary", describing herself as "just Muslim". Francois chose to stop wearing a hijab in the 2010s.

  4. Almoravid dynasty - Wikipedia

    The western Sanhaja had been converted to Islam some time in the 9th century. They were subsequently united in the 10th century and, with the zeal of new converts, launched several campaigns against the "Sudanese" (pagan peoples of sub-Saharan Africa).

  5. Julius Nyerere - Wikipedia

    Instead, the East African Community was launched in 1967, to facilitate some cooperation between the three countries. Later, Nyerere saw his inability to establish an East African Federation as the biggest failure of his career. Nyerere was concerned by developments in Zanzibar, a pair of islands off of Tanganyika's coast.

  6. Collective farming - Wikipedia

    Collective farming and communal farming are various types of "agricultural production in which multiple farmers run their holdings as a joint enterprise". There are two broad types of communal farms: Agricultural cooperatives, in which member-owners jointly engage in farming activities as a collective, and state farms, which are owned and directly run by a centralized government.

  7. Dionysius Exiguus - Wikipedia

    Dionysius Exiguus (Latin for "Dionysius the Humble"; c. 470 – c. 544) was a 6th-century monk born in Scythia Minor (probably modern Dobruja, in Romania and Bulgaria).He was a member of a community of Scythian monks concentrated in Tomis (present day Constanta), the major city of Scythia Minor.

  8. Cameroon national football team - Wikipedia

    Cameroon led the group for most of the time until their final game, when Pierre Womé failed to convert a late penalty. On 8 October 2005, Cameroon drew with Egypt 1–1 while the Ivory Coast defeated Sudan 3–1, results which prevented Cameroon from qualifying to the World Cup. 2010 World Cup qualification

  9. South African Class 15F 4-8-2 - Wikipedia

    The South African Railways Class 15F 4-8-2 of 1938 was a steam locomotive. The Class 15F was the most numerous steam locomotive class in South African Railways service. Between 1938 and 1948, 255 of these locomotives with a 4-8-2 Mountain type wheel arrangement entered service.