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  2. Windows Messenger service - Wikipedia

    Messenger service is a network-based system notification Windows service by Microsoft that was included in some earlier versions of Microsoft Windows.. This retired technology, although it has a similar name, is not related in any way to the later, Internet-based Microsoft Messenger service for instant messaging or to Windows Messenger and Windows Live Messenger (formerly named MSN Messenger ...

  3. Windows Internet Name Service - Wikipedia

    Like the DNS, it is implemented in two parts, a server service (that manages the embedded Jet Database, server to server replication, service requests, and conflicts) and a TCP/IP client component which manages the client's registration and renewal of names, and takes care of queries. Basically, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) is a legacy ...

  4. Microsoft account - Wikipedia

    A Microsoft account or MSA (previously known as Microsoft Passport,.NET Passport, and Windows Live ID) is a single sign-on Microsoft user account for Microsoft customers to log in to Microsoft services (like, devices running on one of Microsoft's current operating systems (e.g. Microsoft Windows computers and tablets, Windows Phones, and Xbox consoles), and Microsoft application ...

  5. Windows Task Scheduler - Wikipedia

    Windows Vista uses Task Scheduler 2.0 to run various system-level tasks; consequently, the Task Scheduler service can no longer be disabled (except with a simple registry tweak). Task Scheduler 2.0 exposes an API to allow computer programs and scripts create tasks.

  6. Dormer - Wikipedia

    Dormer windows have been used in domestic architecture in Britain since the 16th century. Dormer windows were popularised by French architect Fran├žois Mansart, who used dormers extensively in the mansard roofs he designed for 17th-century Paris [citation needed] Today dormers are a widespread feature of pitched roof buildings. [citation needed]

  7. Windows 95 - Wikipedia

    Windows 95 is a consumer-oriented operating system developed by Microsoft as part of its Windows 9x family of operating systems. The first operating system in the 9x family, it is the successor to Windows 3.1x, and was released to manufacturing on July 14, 1995, and generally to retail on August 24, 1995, almost three months after the release of Windows NT 3.51.

  8. Multimedia Class Scheduler Service - Wikipedia

    Multimedia Class Scheduler Service (MMCSS) is a Windows service that allows multimedia applications to get prioritized access to CPU for time-sensitive processing (such as multimedia applications) as well as prioritized disc access to ensure that the process is not starved of data to process.

  9. Windows XP editions - Wikipedia

    Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 ("Harmony", September 2003) Windows XP Service Pack 2 upgrades earlier versions of MCE to this one. Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 ("Symphony", October 2004) is the first edition of MCE available to non-Tier 1 system builders. Among other things it includes support for Media Center Extenders, and CD ...