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  2. Purchase funnel - Wikipedia

    Similar to a purchase funnel, "conversion funnel" is a technical term used in e-commerce operations to describe the track a consumer takes through an Internet advertising or search system, navigating an e-commerce website and finally converting to a sale.

  3. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    1506 – The first contingent of 150 Swiss Guards (example depicted) arrived in Rome to provide security for the pope.; 1689 – The Convention Parliament met to decide the fate of the throne after James II, the last Catholic monarch of England, fled to France following the Glorious Revolution.

  4. Landing page - Wikipedia

    A landing page is a webpage that is displayed when a potential customer clicks an advertisement or a search engine result link. This webpage typically displays content that is a relevant extension of the advertisement or link. LPO aims to provide page content and appearance that makes the webpage more appealing to target audiences.

  5. How To Find and Use Your Ally Bank Login

    Visit Ally Bank’s online banking sign-in page at To create a username and password to access your accounts, click on “Enroll in Auto or Bank online services” in the login box.

  6. Help:Cheatsheet - Wikipedia

    Add a page to a category [[Category:Category name]] place near the bottom of a page: shows "Category name" in a bar at bottom when the page is previewed or published: Link to a category or file [[:Category:Category name]] [[:File:File name]] Category:Wikipedia basic information File:Example.jpg. Works only at the beginning of lines Description ...

  7. Unix shell - Wikipedia

    A Unix shell is a command-line interpreter or shell that provides a command line user interface for Unix-like operating systems.The shell is both an interactive command language and a scripting language, and is used by the operating system to control the execution of the system using shell scripts.

  8. Wikipedia:Contributing to Wikipedia - Wikipedia

    If the page is in your own user space (for example, starts with "User:YourName/" or "User talk:YourName/"), then you can request immediate deletion of the page at any time. Simply edit the page while logged in and put the template {{db-u1}} at the top of the page.

  9. Test stub - Wikipedia

    So in a simple language stubs are "called" programs, which are called in to test the major module's functionality. For example, in a situation where one has three different modules: Login, Home, User. Suppose login module is ready for test, but the two minor modules Home and User, which are called by Login module are not ready yet for testing.