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  2. Western Province (Kenya) - Wikipedia

    The Western Region (Swahili: Magharibi) of Kenya, bordering Uganda, is one of former Kenya's seven administrative provinces outside Nairobi. It is west of the Eastern Rift Valley and is inhabited mainly by the Luhya people. Quakerism is widely practised here. Kenya's second highest mountain, Mount Elgon is located in Bungoma County.

  3. DVB - Wikipedia

    Africa Kenya. DVB-T broadcasts were launched by the President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki on 9 December 2009. Broadcasts are using H.264, with the University of Nairobi supplying the decoders. Kenya has also been broadcasting DVB-H since July 2009, available on selected Nokia and ZTE handsets on the Safaricom and other GSM networks. Madagascar

  4. Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories - Wikipedia

    During Barack Obama's campaign for president in 2008, throughout his presidency and afterwards, there was extensive news coverage of Obama's religious preference, birthplace, and of the individuals questioning his religious belief and citizenship – efforts eventually known as the "birther movement", by which name it is widely referred to across media.

  5. List of members of the United Nations Security Council

    Kenya: 1973: 2022: African: 6 Morocco: 1963: 2013: African (Arab) 6 Philippines: 1957: 2005: Asia-Pacific: 6 Portugal: 1979: 2012: WEOG: 6 Senegal: 1968: 2017: African: 6 South Africa: 2007: 2020: African: 6 Syria: 1947: 2003: Asia-Pacific (Arab) Excludes one year (1961) during which the United Arab Republic was a member, for the greater part ...

  6. Africa Finance Corporation - Wikipedia

    Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) is a pan-African Multilateral Development Financial Institution established in 2007 by sovereign African states to provide pragmatic solutions to Africa's infrastructure deficit and challenging operating environment. The Corporation bridges the infrastructure investment gap through the provision of debt and ...

  7. Lomé - Wikipediaé

    Despite this, the city experiences heavy fog most of the year from the northern extension of the Benguela Current and receives a total of 2,330 bright sunshine hours annually. Comparably dry inland West African cities like Bamako or Kano expect between 2,900 and 3,000 hours of sunshine annually.

  8. Intersex rights in Kenya - Wikipedia

    Intersex Awareness Day was first marked in Kenya in 2016. A march in Nairobi was organized by Gama Africa, along with petition presented to parliament and events organized by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. In 2017, work commenced on a "Model Law on the rights of intersex persons in Africa".

  9. Yemen - Wikipedia

    The historical Yemen included much greater territory than the current nation, stretching from northern 'Asir in southwestern Saudi Arabia to Dhofar in southern Oman. One etymology derives Yemen from ymnt, meaning "South", and significantly plays on the notion of the land to the right (𐩺𐩣𐩬).

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