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  2. National identification number - Wikipedia

    The identification number has 8-digit standard format: NNNNNNN (N), where N is a numeric digit 0–9. The first numeric digit N has special meaning, and it can be one of the following digits: '1', '5' or '7'. '1': The first-time date of issuance of ID card to the bearer was 1992 or later.

  3. Gloria 1 Christian High School Surabaya - Wikipedia

    Gloria Christian School (1996–2002) On July 17, 1996, Gloria Christian School was opened in West Surabaya, precisely at Jalan Kupang Indah (Kupang Indah St), taking in the space previously held by Surabaya International School. The Gloria Family Day event was marked by this event. The school offered education from kindergarten (TK-KB) to ...

  4. Deddy Corbuzier - Wikipedia

    Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo, (born 28 December 1976 [1]) commonly known as Deddy Corbuzier, is an Indonesian television presenter, actor, YouTuber, and former mentalist. [2] He is a recipient of the Merlin Award for "World's Best Mentalist" twice in a row. [3] Deddy made his debut on television in 1998 with Impresario 008 on RCTI.

  5. Google Account - Wikipedia

    Google. URL. myaccount .google .com. A Google Account is a user account that is required for access, authentication and authorization to certain online Google services. It is also often used as single sign-on for third party services.

  6. List of prime ministers of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    Top left: Robert Walpole is considered the first prime minister of Great Britain. Top right: Winston Churchill was prime minister during World War II. Bottom left: Margaret Thatcher was the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom. Bottom right: Rishi Sunak is the incumbent, and first British Asian prime minister.

  7. Normandy landings - Wikipedia

    Normandy landings Part of Operation Overlord and the Western Front of World War II Taxis to Hell – and Back – Into the Jaws of Death, an iconic image of men of the 16th Infantry Regiment, US 1st Infantry Division wading ashore from their landing craft on Omaha Beach on the morning of 6 June 1944 Date 6 June 1944 ; 79 years ago (6 June 1944) Location Normandy, France 49°20′N 0°36′W ...

  8. Thomas Jefferson - Wikipedia

    Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 [b] – July 4, 1826) was an American statesman, diplomat, lawyer, architect, philosopher, and Founding Father who served as the third president of the United States from 1801 to 1809. [6] He was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence.

  9. Monsterverse - Wikipedia

    Film (s) 5. Television series. 2. The Monsterverse (also stylized as MonsterVerse) is an American multimedia franchise and shared universe featuring Godzilla and other sister characters owned and created by Toho Co., Ltd, as well as King Kong.