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  2. The Nation (Nigeria) - Wikipedia

    The Nation is a daily newspaper published in Lagos, Nigeria. According to a 2009 survey it was the second-most-read newspaper in Nigeria, and this result was repeated in a 2011 report by The Advertisers' Association of Nigeria (ADVANS). The paper's website says it stands for freedom, justice and the market economy.

  3. People's Daily - Wikipedia's_Daily

    The People's Daily (Chinese: 人民日报; pinyin: Rénmín Rìbào) is the largest newspaper group in China. The paper is owned by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In addition to its main Chinese-language edition, the People's Daily has editions in multiple languages. The newspaper provides direct information on the ...

  4. List of newspapers in the United States - Wikipedia

    The Newport (RI) Daily News (originally published as The Newport Mercury in 1758) Hartford Courant (1764, the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States) The Register Star (Hudson, New York, 1785) Poughkeepsie Journal (1785) The Augusta Chronicle (1785) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (July 1786) Daily Hampshire Gazette (September 1784)

  5. List of newspapers in Texas - Wikipedia

    Texas newspapers, 1813-1939: A union list of newspaper files available in offices of publishers, libraries, and a number of private collections. Houston. Houston. John Melton Wallace (1966), Gaceta to Gazette: A Check List of Texas Newspapers, 1813-1846

  6. Decline of newspapers - Wikipedia

    The newspaper industry has always been cyclical, and the industry has weathered previous troughs. Television's arrival in the 1950s began the decline of newspapers as most people's source of daily news. But the explosion of the Internet in the 1990s increased the range of media choices available to the average reader while further cutting into ...

  7. Chicago Tribune - Wikipedia

    The Chicago Tribune is a daily newspaper based in Chicago, Illinois, United States, owned by Tribune Publishing.Founded in 1847, and formerly self-styled as the "World's Greatest Newspaper" (a slogan for which WGN radio and television are named), it remains the most-read daily newspaper in the Chicago metropolitan area and the Great Lakes region.

  8. List of the oldest newspapers - Wikipedia

    Still published. It was established as the first daily Portuguese newspaper on 21 May 1900 by Aleixo Clemente Messias Gomes in Goa. 1901 Gorkhapatra: Nepali: Kathmandu: Kingdom of Nepal: Still published. Gorkhapatra is the oldest state-owned national daily newspaper of Nepal. It was started as a weekly newspaper in May 1901 and became a daily ...

  9. Gannett - Wikipedia

    Gannett's oldest newspaper is the Berrow's Worcester Journal based in Worcester, England and founded in 1690. In the United States the oldest newspapers still in circulation are the Poughkeepsie Journal , founded in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1785, and The Leaf-Chronicle founded in Clarksville, Tennessee in 1808.