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  2. The Nation (Nigeria) - Wikipedia

    The Nation is a daily newspaper published in Lagos, Nigeria. According to a 2009 survey it was the second-most-read newspaper in Nigeria, and this result was repeated in a 2011 report by The Advertisers' Association of Nigeria (ADVANS). The paper's website says it stands for freedom, justice and the market economy.

  3. People's Daily - Wikipedia's_Daily

    As part of its effort to modernize, it began an online edition in 1997, and the web bulletin forums, such as the Strengthening Nation Forum in the Chinese edition. [ citation needed ] An analysis of the wording of all the issues of the People's Daily from 1995 to 2000 was used in the writing of The First Series of Standardized Forms of Words ...

  4. Daily Mirror - Wikipedia

    Lord Rothermere was a friend of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, and directed the Mirror ' s editorial stance towards them in the early 1930s. On Monday, 22 January 1934 the Daily Mirror ran the headline "Give the Blackshirts a helping hand" urging readers to join Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists, and giving the address to which to send membership applications.

  5. The Right Stuff (blog) - Wikipedia

    The blog has seen a steady decline from its peak in 2017. In September 2021, a Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) report found that the website had declined in traffic by 87.5% since February 2017, coinciding with a decline in the total number of cast members appearing on The Daily Shoah.

  6. Nation - Wikipedia

    A prominent lecture by Ernest Renan, "What is a Nation?", argues that a nation is "a daily referendum", and that nations are based as much on what the people jointly forget as on what they remember. Carl Darling Buck argued in a 1916 study, "Nationality is essentially subjective, an active sentiment of unity, within a fairly extensive group, a ...

  7. Daily Kos - Wikipedia

    Daily Kos (/ k oʊ s / KOHSS) is a group blog and internet forum focused on the U.S. Democratic Party and liberal American politics. [4] [5] [6] The site includes glossaries and other content. It is sometimes considered an example of " netroots " activism.

  8. Fox Nation - Wikipedia

    Fox Nation is an American subscription video on demand service. Announced on February 20, 2018, it is a companion to Fox News Channel, and primarily carries original programming (including opinion-based talk shows and documentary-style programs presented from a conservative viewpoint) featuring Fox News personalities, and other programs deemed to be of interest to Fox News Channel's audience.

  9. Newspaper - Wikipedia

    A newspaper is a periodical publication containing written information about current events and is often typed in black ink with a white or gray background.. Newspapers can cover a wide variety of fields such as politics, business, sports and art, and often include materials such as opinion columns, weather forecasts, reviews of local services, obituaries, birth notices, crosswords, editorial ...