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  2. Adversary in the House - Wikipedia

    Adversary in the House (1947) is a biographical novel based on the life of prominent socialist Eugene V. Debs and of his wife Kate, who was opposed to socialism. [1] The book is Irving Stone 's portrayal of Eugene V. Debs 's "tempestuous relationship with a wife who rejects the very values he holds most dear". [1]

  3. Debs v. United States - Wikipedia

    Facts. Eugene V. Debs was an American labor and political leader and five-time Socialist Party of America candidate for the American Presidency. On June 16, 1918 Debs made an anti-war speech in Canton, Ohio, protesting US involvement in World War I. He was arrested on June 30 under the Espionage Act of 1917 and convicted, sentenced to serve ten ...

  4. Eugene V. Debs - Wikipedia

    Eugene V. Debs. Eugene Victor Debs (November 5, 1855 – October 20, 1926) was an American socialist, political activist, trade unionist, one of the founding members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), and five-time candidate of the Socialist Party of America for President of the United States. [1] Through his presidential candidacies ...

  5. In re Debs - Wikipedia

    The court ruled that the government had a right to regulate interstate commerce and ensure the operations of the Postal Service, along with a responsibility to "ensure the general welfare of the public." In re Debs, 158 U.S. 564 (1895), was a US labor law case of the United States Supreme Court decision handed down concerning Eugene V. Debs and ...

  6. Deb Haaland - Wikipedia

    Debra Anne Haaland (/ ˈ h ɑː l ə n d /; born December 2, 1960) is an American politician serving as the 54th United States Secretary of the Interior. A member of the Democratic Party, she previously served as the U.S. representative for New Mexico's 1st congressional district from 2019 to 2021 and as chair of the New Mexico Democratic Party from 2015 to 2017.

  7. Deborah Platt Majoras - Wikipedia

    University of Virginia ( JD) Deborah Platt Majoras is the former chair of the Federal Trade Commission, appointed May 11, 2004, by President George W. Bush and sworn in on August 16, 2004. [1] President Bush had announced his intention to appoint her to the position on July 30, 2004. Majoras is a member of the Republican Party.

  8. List of Linux distributions - Wikipedia

    Debian (a portmanteau of the names "Deb" and "Ian") Linux is a distribution that emphasizes free software. It supports many hardware platforms. It supports many hardware platforms. Debian and distributions based on it use the .deb package format [2] and the dpkg package manager and its frontends (such as apt or synaptic).

  9. Debbie Gibson - Wikipedia

    Musical artist. Deborah Ann Gibson (born August 31, 1970) [1] is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Gibson released her debut album Out of the Blue (1987) at age 16, writing and largely producing the material. The album spawned several international hits, later being certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of ...