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  2. Mass media - Wikipedia

    Mass media as well as propaganda tend to reinforce or introduce stereotypes to the general public. Ethical issues and criticism. Lack of local or specific topical focus is a common criticism of mass media. A mass news media outlet is often forced to cover national and international news due to it having to cater for and be relevant for a wide ...

  3. Media coverage in conjunction with the news media phone ...

    The news anchor did not minimize the seriousness of the story. There was some hesitancy to address the issue on 10 July on Fox News Watch, a show which is intended to cover the media. Fox is totally owned by News Corporation, the ultimate parent company of News of the World.

  4. Deepak Chopra - Wikipedia

    Deepak Chopra (/ ˈ d iː p ɑː k ˈ tʃ oʊ p r ə /; Hindi: [d̪iːpək tʃoːpɽa]; born October 22, 1946) is an Indian-American author and alternative medicine advocate. A prominent figure in the New Age movement, his books and videos have made him one of the best-known and wealthiest figures in alternative medicine.

  5. Tales of Wedding Rings - Wikipedia

    Tales of Wedding Rings (Japanese: 結婚指輪物語, Hepburn: Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Maybe. It started serialization in Monthly Big Gangan in March 2014 and has been published in eleven volumes thus far.

  6. QAnon - Wikipedia

    QAnon (/ ˌ k j uː. ə ˈ n ɒ n /) is a far-right conspiracy theory and movement centered on false claims made by an anonymous individual or individuals, known by the name "Q", that a cabal of Satanic, cannibalistic pedophiles operate a global child sex trafficking ring and conspired against former president Donald Trump during his term in office.

  7. Detecting fake news online - Wikipedia

    Fake news can be found through popular platforms such as social media and the Internet. There have been multiple solutions and efforts in the detection of fake news where it even works with artificial intelligence tools. However, fake news intends to convince the reader to believe false information which deems these articles difficult to perceive.

  8. Zoom Video Communications - Wikipedia

    Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (commonly shortened to Zoom, and stylized as zoom) is an American communications technology company headquartered in San Jose, California. It provides videotelephony and online chat services through a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform and is used for teleconferencing , telecommuting , distance education ...

  9. List of mergers and acquisitions by Twitter - Wikipedia

    Acquisitions. Squad was a technology startup providing live group video calling with cowatching. It was acquired by Twitter in December 2020. It was founded by Esther Crawford, Ethan Sutin, who raised $7.2 million in seed funding from investors that included Y Combinator, First Round Capital, and Betaworks.