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  2. Digital imaging - Wikipedia

    Digital imaging or digital image acquisition is the creation of a digital representation of the visual characteristics of an object, [1] such as a physical scene or the interior structure of an object. The term is often assumed to imply or include the processing, compression, storage, printing and display of such images.

  3. High-definition video - Wikipedia

    The DCT is a lossy compression technique that was first proposed by Nasir Ahmed in 1972, and was later adapted into a motion-compensated DCT algorithm for video coding standards such as the H.26x formats from 1988 onwards and the MPEG formats from 1993 onwards.

  4. Computer-mediated communication - Wikipedia

    While the term has traditionally referred to those communications that occur via computer-mediated formats (e.g., instant messaging, email, chat rooms, online forums, social network services ), it has also been applied to other forms of text-based interaction such as text messaging.

  5. Median - Wikipedia

    In statistics and probability theory, the median is the value separating the higher half from the lower half of a data sample, a population, or a probability distribution. For a data set, it may be thought of as "the middle" value.

  6. Comparison of high-definition optical disc formats - Wikipedia

    This article compares the technical specifications of multiple high-definition formats, including HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc; two mutually incompatible, high-definition optical disc formats that, beginning in 2006, attempted to improve upon and eventually replace the DVD standard. The two formats remained in a format war until February 19, 2008 ...

  7. NET (Indonesian TV network) - Wikipedia

    NET (abbreviation of News and Entertainment Television, stylized as NET.) is an Indonesian free-to-air television channel that was launched on 26 May 2013. It replaced Spacetoon on terrestrial television. The channel's programming is focused towards family and young viewers. Contents 1 History 2 Transmitters 3 Slogans 4 See also 5 References

  8. Computer graphics - Wikipedia

    It is a vast and recently developed area of computer science. The phrase was coined in 1960 by computer graphics researchers Verne Hudson and William Fetter of Boeing. It is often abbreviated as CG, or typically in the context of film as computer generated imagery (CGI).