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  2. List of Windows 3.x games - Wikipedia

    Destiny Media Technologies, ... Dave Dude in the Holiday Story 95: 1995: Christian Naumann, Philipp Schröder Daryl F. Gates' Police Quest: SWAT ... Elmo's Preschool ...

  3. List of Warner Bros. Animation productions - Wikipedia

    Christian Tremblay Yvon Tremblay 2005–2007 35 Tom and Jerry Tales: Joseph Barbera Rob LaDuca Jeff Davison 2006–2008 Warner Bros. Family Entertainment Turner Entertainment: 36 Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue! Ray DeLaurentis 37 Legion of Super Heroes: James Tucker Warner Bros. Family Entertainment DC Comics 38 Batman: The Brave and the Bold ...

  4. Indigenous peoples - Wikipedia

    The doctrine of discovery is a legal and religious concept, tied to the Roman Catholic Church, which rationalized and "legalized" colonization and the conquering of Indigenous peoples in the eyes of Christianized Europeans.

  5. Denzel Whitaker - Wikipedia

    Denzel Dominique Whitaker (born June 15, 1990) is an American actor. Beginning his career as a child actor, he acted in the films Training Day (2001) and The Ant Bully (2006) before portraying James Farmer Jr. in The Great Debaters (2007), earning an NAACP Image Award for his work in the film.

  6. Echo chamber (media) - Wikipedia

    The McMartin preschool trial coverage was criticized by David Shaw in his 1990 Pulitzer Prize winning articles, "None of these charges was ultimately proved, but the media largely acted in a pack, as it so often does on big events, and reporters' stories, in print and on the air, fed on one another, creating an echo chamber of horrors."

  7. List of Star Wars television series - Wikipedia

    The animated micro-series Star Wars Forces of Destiny debuted in 2017; it focuses on the female characters of the franchise and is set in various eras. Galaxy of Adventures (2018–2020) Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures debuted on the "Star Wars Kids" YouTube channel and website in late 2018.

  8. Deity - Wikipedia

    In the Sumerian pantheon, deities had multiple functions, which included presiding over procreation, rains, irrigation, agriculture, destiny, and justice.: 69–74 The gods were fed, clothed, entertained, and worshipped to prevent natural catastrophes as well as to prevent social chaos such as pillaging, rape, or atrocities.

  9. QAnon - Wikipedia

    Some Christian pastors introduced their congregations to QAnon ideas. The Indiana-based Omega Kingdom Ministry tried to combine QAnon and Christianity, with Q posts and Bible quotes both read during church services. Some Christians, such as pastor Derek Kubilus, call QAnon heresy, but most U.S. pastors have not taken a stand against it.