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  2. Federal Premium Ammunition - Wikipedia

    Vista Outdoor. Website. www .federalpremium .com. Federal Premium Ammunition is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, located in Anoka, Minnesota. With a workforce of nearly 1,500, Federal manufactures shotshell, centerfire, and rimfire ammunition and components.

  3. 120×570mm NATO - Wikipedia×570mm_NATO

    Overall length. 984 mm (38.7 in) Rifling twist. none. Primer type. electric. 120×570mm NATO tank ammunition (4.7 inch), also known as 120×570mmR, is a common, NATO -standard (STANAG 4385), tank gun semi-combustible cartridge used by 120mm smoothbore guns, superseding the earlier 105×617mmR cartridge used in NATO-standard rifled tank guns.

  4. Caseless ammunition - Wikipedia

    Caseless ammunition ( CL ), [1] or caseless cartridge, is a configuration of weapon-cartridge that eliminates the cartridge case that typically holds the primer, propellant and projectile together as a unit. Instead, the propellant and primer are fitted to the projectile in another way so that a cartridge case is not needed, for example inside ...

  5. FN 5.7×28mm - Wikipedia×28mm

    The SS195LF is a commercially available cartridge that features a lead-free primer and produces ballistics similar to the SS192 round, which it replaced in late 2004. It uses the same 1.8-g (28 grain) copper-jacketed aluminum core bullet as the SS192, and it can be identified by the unmarked, hollow void at the tip and the silver-colored primer ...

  6. 5.56×45mm NATO - Wikipedia×45mm_NATO

    On 24 June 2010, the United States Army announced it began shipping its new 5.56 mm cartridge, the M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round (EPR), to active combat zones. During testing, the M855A1 performed better than M80 7.62×51mm NATO ball ammunition against certain types of targets (particularly hardened steel). However, this was due to the ...

  7. Amazon to launch discount section with direct shipping from ...

    June 26, 2024 at 12:55 PM. (Reuters) plans to launch a section on its shopping site featuring cheap items that ship directly to overseas consumers from warehouses in China, the ...

  8. 5.45×39mm - Wikipedia×39mm

    The 5.45×39mm cartridge is a rimless bottlenecked intermediate cartridge.It was introduced into service in 1974 by the Soviet Union for use with the new AK-74.The 5.45×39mm gradually supplemented and then largely replaced the 7.62×39mm cartridge in Soviet and Warsaw Pact service as the primary military service rifle cartridge.

  9. CCI Ammunition - Wikipedia

    Website. www .cci-ammunition .com. CCI (Cascade Cartridge Inc.), based in Lewiston, Idaho, manufactures rimfire ammunition, centerfire handgun ammunition, and primers for reloaders and industrial ammunition production. CCI made the first mini-mag rimfire ammunition in 1963, and in 1975 developed the Stinger, a high velocity .22 Long Rifle product.