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  2. Webmail - Wikipedia

    Webmail access is made possible through webmail software, such as Roundcube or SquirrelMail, installed and running on the email server. As with any web application, webmail's main advantage over the use of a desktop email client is the ability to send and receive email anywhere from a web browser.

  3. Xfinity - Wikipedia

    Comcast is the largest provider of cable internet access in the United States, servicing 40% of the market in 2011. As of July 26, 2018, Comcast has 26.5 million high-speed internet customers. [16] Comcast began offering internet services in late 1996, when it helped found the @Home Network , which sold internet service through Comcast's cable ...

  4. Acceptable use policy - Wikipedia

    Earthlink, an American Internet service provider has a very clear policy relating to violations of its policy. The company identifies six levels of response to violations: issue warnings: written or verbal; suspend the Member's newsgroup posting privileges; suspend the Member's account; terminate the Member's account

  5. Online service provider - Wikipedia

    The sudden availability of low- to no-cost email and appearance of free independent web sites broke the business model that had supported the rise of the early online service industry. CompuServe, BIX, AOL, DELPHI, and Prodigy gradually added access to Internet e-mail, Usenet newsgroups , ftp, and to web sites.

  6. Microsoft litigation - Wikipedia

    Also at issue in the case is a 35-week period of missing emails in the evidence Microsoft handed over to Burst which was discovered by's lawyers. Burst accuses Microsoft of crafting a 30-day email deletion policy specifically to cover up illegal activity.