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  2. East African Community - Wikipedia

    The new treaty was proposed with plans drawn up in 2004 to introduce a monetary union with a common currency, the East African shilling, some time between 2012 and 2015. There were also plans for a political union , the East African Federation, with a common President (initially on a rotation basis) and a common parliament by 2010.

  3. Economy of Ethiopia - Wikipedia

    In East Africa, over 95% of cross-border trade is through unofficial channels and the unofficial trade of live cattle, camels, sheep and goats from Ethiopia sold to Somalia, Kenya and Djibouti generates an estimated total value of between US$250 and US$300 million annually (100 times more than the official figure).

  4. Economy of Tanzania - Wikipedia

    In 2019, the Tanzanian economy grew by 5.8%, reaching a GDP of $55.5 billion. This growth made it the 2nd largest economy in East Africa after Kenya, and the 7th largest in Sub-Saharan Africa. It has sustained relatively high economic growth compared to global trends, as is characteristic of African nations.

  5. Economy of Kenya - Wikipedia

    Currency, exchange rate, and inflation. The exchange rate of the Kenya shilling, KSh, between 2003 and 2010 averaged about KSh74-78 to US$1. The average inflation between 2005 and July 2015 was 8.5%. In July 2015 Kenya's inflation rate was estimated to be 6.62%. Kenya's currency is printed by mandate of the Central Bank of Kenya.

  6. Economy of Seychelles - Wikipedia

    [citation needed] Both at official exchange rates and at purchasing power parity (PPP), Seychelles remains the richest territory in Africa in terms of GDP per capita (US$9,440.095 at real exchange rates and US$17,560.062 at PPP 2008 estimate),

  7. CFA franc - Wikipedia

    These two CFA francs have the same exchange rate with the euro (1 euro = 655.957 XOF = 655.957 XAF), and they are both guaranteed by the French treasury (Trésor public), but the West African CFA franc cannot be used in Central African countries, and the Central Africa CFA franc cannot be used in West African countries.

  8. Dutch East India Company - Wikipedia

    During the 18th century, the slave population increased dramatically to 16,839 by 1795. After the slave trade was initiated, all of the slaves imported into the Cape until the British stopped the trade in 1807 were from East Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, and South and Southeast Asia.

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    related to: east african time to est rate exchange
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