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  2. Seneca Village - Wikipedia

    The African Union Church purchased lots in Seneca Village in 1837, about 100 feet (30 m) from AME Zion Church. It had 50 congregants. The church building contained one of the city's few Black schools at the time, Colored School 3, founded in the mid-1840s. One of the teachers in the school was 17-year-old Catherine Thompson.

  3. History of timekeeping devices - Wikipedia

    Huygens first used a clock to calculate the equation of time (the difference between the apparent solar time and the time given by a clock), publishing his results in 1665. The relationship enabled astronomers to use the stars to measure sidereal time , which provided an accurate method for setting clocks.

  4. Rome, Georgia - Wikipedia,_Georgia

    It has served as the town's iconic landmark ever since, and is featured in the city's crest and local business logos. As a result, Neely Hill is also referred to as Tower or Clock Tower Hill. During Reconstruction, the state legislature authorized public schools in 1868 for the first time, and designated some funding to support them.

  5. Human mitochondrial DNA haplogroup - Wikipedia

    Haplogroup Est. time of origin (kya) Possible place of origin Highest frequencies; L: 200: L1-6: 170: East Africa L2-6: 150: East Africa L0: 150: East Africa L1: 140: Central Africa L3-6: 130

  6. Economy of Kenya - Wikipedia

    Foreign merchants brought their merchandise to Kenyan coast and left with African goods. In 1499 AD, Vasco da Gama returned from discovering the sea route to India through South Africa. [27] This new route allowed European nations to dominate the trade economy of the East African coast, with the Portuguese entrenching themselves in the 16th and ...

  7. Asia - Wikipedia

    Citigroup in The Wealth Report 2012 stated that Asian centa-millionaire overtook North America's wealth for the first time as the world's "economic center of gravity" continued moving east. At the end of 2011, there were 18,000 Asian people mainly in Southeast Asia, China and Japan who have at least $100 million in disposable assets, while ...

  8. History of Earth - Wikipedia

    Eons. In geochronology, time is generally measured in mya (million years ago), each unit representing the period of approximately 1,000,000 years in the past.The history of Earth is divided into four great eons, starting 4,540 mya with the formation of the planet.

  9. Economy of Germany - Wikipedia

    One of Germany's traditionally strongest (and at the same time oldest) economic regions is the Ruhr area in the west, between Duisburg and Dortmund. 27 of the country's 100 largest companies are located there. In recent years, however, the area, whose economy is based on natural resources and heavy industry, has seen a substantial rise in ...