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  2. List of hospitals in Egypt - Wikipedia

    National Cancer Institute (Egypt) Syzium Center Kasser el Eini; Egypt International Center; As Salam International Hospital, Corniche El Nile, Maadi; 57357 Children's Cancer Hospital Foundation; Weight reduction

  3. List of universities in Egypt - Wikipedia

    List of University Institutions in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt [In addition to the listed public, national and private universities in Egypt, international / transnational university institutions were founded in the New Administrative Capital after 2016, hosting branches of internationally recognized universities from outside Egypt.

  4. History of Persian Egypt - Wikipedia

    Sasanian Egypt (619–629 AD), referring to a period of occupation by the Sasanian Empire (Second Persian Empire), after the Sasanian conquest of Egypt and shortly before the Muslim invasions; Egypt was a rich country, and the Persians had coveted it for more than a millennium.

  5. Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt - Wikipedia

    History. This dynasty traced its origins to the Twenty-fourth Dynasty. Psamtik I was probably a descendant of Bakenranef.. Following the Assyrian conquest of Egypt by the Neo-Assyrian Empire during the reigns of Taharqa and Tantamani, and the subsequent collapse of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt, Psamtik I was recognized as sole king over all of Egypt.

  6. Second Intermediate Period of Egypt - Wikipedia

    The 12th Dynasty of Egypt came to an end at the end of the 19th century BC with the death of Queen Sobekneferu (1806–1802 BC). Apparently she had no heirs, causing the 12th Dynasty to come to a sudden end, and, with it, the Golden Age of the Middle Kingdom; it was succeeded by the much weaker 13th Dynasty.

  7. King of Egypt - Wikipedia

    King of Egypt (Arabic: ملك مصر, romanized: Malik Miṣr) was the title used by the ruler of Egypt between 1922 and 1951. When the United Kingdom issued the Unilateral Declaration of Egyptian Independence on 28 February 1922, thereby ending its protectorate over Egypt, Egypt's Sultan Fouad I issued a decree on 15 March 1922 whereby he adopted the title of King of Egypt.

  8. Category:Ethnic groups in Egypt - Wikipedia

    Pages in category "Ethnic groups in Egypt" The following 39 pages are in this category, out of 39 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ( learn more ).

  9. Ethiopian–Egyptian War - Wikipedia–Egyptian_War

    The collapse of Egypt's African empire was seized upon by European empires, of whom Italy replaced Egypt in Eritrea, setting the stage for an eventual confrontation between Italy and Ethiopia in the First Italo-Ethiopian War 1895. Ethiopia's triumph in that war would in turn contribute to Fascist Italy's desire to conquer Ethiopia in the 1930s.