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  2. Xtra (ISP) - Wikipedia

    To access their Yahoo!Xtra Bubble email accounts, customers had to change advanced settings such as port numbers and authentication, in addition to basic settings such as mail server. The move to Yahoo!Xtra Bubble caused trouble for many small business owners and website hosting companies in New Zealand.

  3. AOL Mail for Verizon secure connection requirements

    Yes. AOL is asking customers who use third party email clients to update their mail settings. This will help ensure that all customers have a secure connection to protect the privacy and security of their accounts.

  4. Use or opt-out of Dynamic emails in AOL Mail - AOL Help

    Dynamic email gives you the ability to get through your daily email routine even faster, and without ever leaving your inbox. This feature is turned on by default but can be disabled at any time in Mail settings. Dynamic emails in AOL Mail can be used to: • Complete tasks. • Shop right from a message. • View travel recommendations.

  5. eWorld - Wikipedia

    eWorld was an online service operated by Apple Inc. between June 1994 and March 1996. The services included email (eMail Center), news, software installs and a bulletin board system (Community Center).

  6. What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP? - AOL Help

    Each method downloads email data from AOL to your device or software, however, they differ in where the emails are stored. Review the differences and choose the protocol that's right for your needs. Whether you decide on POP3 or IMAP to access your mail, you'll need to configure the email client with AOL settings .

  7. Pretty Good Privacy - Wikipedia

    Many e-mail clients provide OpenPGP-compliant email security as described in RFC 3156. The current specification is RFC 4880 (November 2007), the successor to RFC 2440. RFC 4880 specifies a suite of required algorithms consisting of ElGamal encryption, DSA, Triple DES and SHA-1.