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  2. Xenophobia - Wikipedia

    The group had taken a ferry from Sinai, Egypt because it understood that Jordanian authorities were making it hard for visible Jews to enter their country from Israel. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of the issue.

  3. Empowerment - Wikipedia

    Empowerment is the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities. This enables them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority. It is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

  4. Lookism - Wikipedia

    Lookism is a term that describes the discriminatory treatment of people who are considered physically unattractive. It occurs in a variety of settings, including dating, social environments, and workplaces. [1] Lookism has received less cultural attention than other forms of discrimination (such as racism and sexism) and typically does not have ...

  5. Online hate speech - Wikipedia

    Online hate speech is a type of speech that takes place online with the purpose of attacking a person or a group based on their race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, and/or gender. [1] Online hate speech is not easily defined, but can be recognized by the degrading or dehumanizing function it serves. [2] [3]

  6. Liberal Party (Philippines) - Wikipedia

    The Liberal Party (Filipino and Spanish: Partido Liberal), abbreviated as the LP, is a liberal political party in the Philippines.. Founded on January 19, 1946, by Senate President Manuel Roxas, Senate President Pro-Tempore Elpidio Quirino, and former 9th Senatorial District Senator José Avelino from the breakaway liberal wing of the old Nacionalista Party (NP), the Liberal Party remains the ...

  7. History of Backward Caste movement in Bihar - Wikipedia

    The Backward Caste movement in Bihar can be traced back to the formation of Triveni Sangh, a caste coalition and political party, in the 1930s, which was revived after the introduction of land reforms in the 1950s aimed at removing intermediaries from agrarian society. But, this drive could not succeed in bringing long-lasting changes in the ...

  8. Racism against Black Americans - Wikipedia

    e. In the context of racism in the United States, racism against Black Americans dates back to the colonial era, and it continues to be a persistent issue in American society in the 21st century . From the arrival of the first Africans in early colonial times until after the American Civil War, most African Americans were enslaved.

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    related to: empowerment group nlp scam customer service