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  2. Empowerment Plan - Wikipedia

    The Empowerment Plan was established as a 501 (c)3 nonprofit corporation in 2011, by Veronika Scott, who was a student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Beginning as a school project, Scott initially designed the sleeping bag coat, called "Element S (urvival)" from the Tyvek home insulation and wool army blankets to help the ...

  3. Empowerment zone - Wikipedia

    The empowerment zone employment credit provides businesses with an incentive to hire individuals who both live and work in an empowerment zone. (An exception applies to the Washington, DC empowerment zone. Individuals who work in the Washington, DC empowerment zone may live anywhere in the District of Columbia.) You can claim the credit if you ...

  4. Empowerment - Wikipedia

    Empowerment as a methodology is also associated with feminism. Process. Empowerment is the process of obtaining basic opportunities for marginalized people, either directly by those people, or through the help of non-marginalized others who share their own access to these opportunities. It also includes actively thwarting attempts to deny those ...

  5. Empowerment evaluation - Wikipedia

    Empowerment evaluation (EE) is an evaluation approach designed to help communities monitor and evaluate their own performance. It is used in comprehensive community initiatives as well as small-scale settings and is designed to help groups accomplish their goals. According to David Fetterman, "Empowerment evaluation is the use of evaluation ...

  6. Liberal Party (Philippines) - Wikipedia

    The Liberal Party (Filipino and Spanish: Partido Liberal), abbreviated as the LP, is a liberal political party in the Philippines.. Founded on January 19, 1946 by Senate President Manuel Roxas, Senate President Pro-Tempore Elpidio Quirino, and former 9th Senatorial District Senator José Avelino from the breakaway liberal wing of the old Nacionalista Party (NP), the Liberal Party remains the ...

  7. Nudity - Wikipedia

    Particular issues represented include animal rights by the group PETA, environmental issues by the World Naked Bike Ride, and women's rights by the organization FEMEN. Depictions of nudity Images of a man and woman attached to Pioneer 10 (launched in 1972) as part of a message to any extraterrestrial intelligence the space probe might encounter.

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    related to: empowerment group nlp stock