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  2. Linea - Wikipedia

    Linea Linea is a genus of foraminifera belonging to the subfamily Rhabdammininae. [2] It is a monotypic genus containing the sole species Linea simplex. [1] Morphology [ edit] Linea simplex has an overall string-like appearance, with a thin unbranching test in the shape of a flexible tube with a consistent diameter of around 80 μm.

  3. Online magazine - Wikipedia

    An ezine (also spelled e-zine) is a more specialized term appropriately used for small magazines and newsletters distributed by any electronic method, for example, by electronic mail (e-mail/email, see Zine ). [3] Some social groups may use the terms cyberzine and hyperzine when referring to electronically distributed resources.

  4. Online auction - Wikipedia

    Private electronic market. Software. v. t. e. An online auction (also electronic auction, e-auction, virtual auction, or eAuction) is an auction held over the internet and accessed by internet connected devices. [1] [2] [3] Similar to in-person auctions, online auctions come in a variety of types, with different bidding and selling rules. [4]

  5. Line (heraldry) - Wikipedia

    Embattled and variants [ edit] Argent, a fess bretessé gules. A line embattled is a square wave, representing the battlements of a castle. When a fess is embattled, only the topmost edge is altered (as in the arms of Muri bei Bern ). If both edges are to be embattled, the term embattled-counter-embattled (or counter-embattled, as in the arms ...

  6. Linear map - Wikipedia

    The same names and the same definition are also used for the more general case of modules over a ring; see Module homomorphism. If a linear map is a bijection then it is called a linear isomorphism. In the case where =, a linear map is called a (linear) endomorphism.

  7. Data lineage - Wikipedia

    Data lineage can be represented visually to discover the data flow/movement from its source to destination via various changes and hops on its way in the enterprise environment, how the data gets transformed along the way, how the representation and parameters change, and how the data splits or converges after each hop.

  8. Linear algebra - Wikipedia

    The blue line is the common solution to two of these equations. Linear algebra is the branch of mathematics concerning linear equations such as: linear maps such as: and their representations in vector spaces and through matrices. [1] [2] [3] Linear algebra is central to almost all areas of mathematics.