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  2. Google Translate - Wikipedia

    Google Translate is a web-based free-to-user translation service developed by Google in April 2006. [11] It translates multiple forms of texts and media such as words, phrases and webpages. Originally, Google Translate was released as a statistical machine translation service. [11] The input text had to be translated into English first before ...

  3. Marathi language - Wikipedia

    Marathi ( मराठी, pronounced [məˈɾaːʈʰiː] ⓘ) is an Indo-Aryan language predominantly spoken by Marathi people in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the official language of Maharashtra, and an additional official language in the state of Goa used to reply provided the request is received in Marathi.

  4. Thomas Candy - Wikipedia

    Thomas Candy (13 December 1804 - 26 February 1877) was an English educator with a lifelong association to India, who made lasting contributions to the lexicography, orthography, and stylistics of the Marathi language. Thomas Candy (together with his twin brother George) was born in England on 13 December 1804.

  5. Shivrai - Wikipedia

    Shivaji's Shivrai Shivaji's Shivrai Maratha Empire Value 1/74th to 1/80th of Rupee Diameter 23 mm Thickness 4 mm Composition Copper Circulation 1674 - 1890s Obverse Design Shri Shiv in Devanagari script, in three rows. Design date 1674 Reverse Design Chhatra / Pati in Devanagari script, in two rows. Design date 1674 When the Maratha warrior Shivaji became Chhatrapati of the Maratha empire, as ...

  6. List of English words of Dravidian origin - Wikipedia

    The origin of this word cannot be conclusively attributed to Malayalam or Tamil. Congee, porridge, water with rice; uncertain origin, possibly from Tamil kanji (கஞ்சி), [7] Telugu or Kannada gañji, or Malayalam kaññi (കഞ്ഞി). [citation needed] Alternatively, possibly from Gujarati, [8] which is not a Dravidian language.

  7. List of English words of Indian origin - Wikipedia

    Marathi. Doolally, from Marathi word देवळाली. "mad, insane" from the town of Deolali; Mongoose, from Marathi word मुंगूस (Muṅgūsa) External links. Etymology of Selected Words of Indian Language Origin Archived 2014-02-20 at the Wayback Machine in Colonial & Postcolonial Literary Dialogues

  8. Marathi people - Wikipedia

    The Marathi people ( Marathi: मराठी लोक, romanized:Marāṭhī lōk) or Marathis (Marathi: मराठी, romanized:Marāṭhī) are an Indo-Aryan ethnolinguistic group who are native to Maharashtra in western India. They natively speak Marathi, an Indo-Aryan language.

  9. Marathi Wikipedia - Wikipedia

    The Marathi Wikipedia ( Marathi: मराठी विकिपीडिया) is the Marathi language edition of Wikipedia, a free and publicly editable online encyclopedia, and was launched on 1 May 2003. The project is one of the leading Wikipedia among other South Asian language Wikipedia's in various quality matrices. [1] It has grown on ...