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  2. Facebook - Wikipedia

    For example, a Facebook user can link their email account to their Facebook to find friends on the site, allowing the company to collect the email addresses of users and non-users alike. Over time, countless data points about an individual are collected; any single data point perhaps cannot identify an individual, but together allows the ...

  3. List of Facebook features - Wikipedia

    Version 1 or "new" groups can contain the name of the group in their URL if the email-address of the group is set. Groups do not have a RSS feed to export the wall or the member list, such as Pages or Events have, but third parties provide such service if the group is set to an "open" privacy setting.

  4. Criticism of Facebook - Wikipedia

    Email address change. In June 2012, Facebook removed all existing email addresses from user profiles, and added a new email address. Facebook claimed this was part of adding a "new setting that gives people the choice to decide which addresses they want to show on their timelines".

  5. Sarah Palin email hack - Wikipedia

    The email address left behind was then connected to David Kernell through various social networking profiles where it was used, though no official investigation took place at this time. Campaign response. John McCain's campaign condemned the incident, saying it was a "shocking invasion of the governor's privacy and a violation of law".

  6. Spokeo - Wikipedia

    Spokeo is a people search website that aggregates data from online and offline sources. Spokeo and similar services have been criticized because of the danger caused by listing the personal information and physical addresses of unwitting people openly online, and for profiting off the exploitation of personal data.

  7. Brian Kolfage - Wikipedia

    Brian Kolfage is a veteran of the United States Air Force and the founder of the organization We Build the Wall, which began construction of a privately funded barrier on the U.S.–Mexico border after raising more than $25 million through GoFundMe donations.

  8. Eduardo Saverin - Wikipedia

    Eduardo Luiz Saverin (/ ˈ s æ v ər ɪ n /; Portuguese: [eduˈaɾdu luˈis ˈsaveɾĩ]; born March 19, 1982) is a Brazilian-born billionaire entrepreneur and angel investor based in Singapore.

  9. List of virtual communities with more than 1 million users

    Name Description/Focus Date launched Registered users Registration Global Alexa Page ranking ; Bebo: General 2005: 117,000,000: Open to people 13 and older 4,169: BlackPlanet: Black Americans