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  2. Facebook - Wikipedia

    On June 7, 2012, Facebook launched its App Center to help users find games and other applications. On May 13, 2015, Facebook in association with major news portals launched "Instant Articles" to provide news on the Facebook news feed without leaving the site.

  3. Criticism of Facebook - Wikipedia

    The automated emailing system used when filling out a support form often directs users back to the help center or to pages that are outdated and cannot be accessed, leaving users at a dead end with no further support available. A person who lost access to Facebook or does not have an account has no easy way to contact the company directly.

  4. Facebook like button - Wikipedia

    The Like button is one of Facebook's social plug-ins, which are features for websites outside Facebook as part of its Open Graph. Speaking at the company's F8 developer conference on April 21, 2010, the day of the launch, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said "We are building a Web where the default is social".

  5. Meta Platforms - Wikipedia

    In 2020, Facebook, Inc. spent $19.7 million on lobbying, hiring 79 lobbyists. In 2019, it had spent $16.7 million on lobbying and had a team of 71 lobbyists, up from $12.6 million and 51 lobbyists in 2018. Facebook was the largest spender of lobbying money among the 5 Big Tech companies in 2020. Lawsuits

  6. Open Compute Project - Wikipedia

    The Open Compute Project (OCP) is an organization that shares designs of data center products and best practices among companies, including ARM, Meta, IBM, Wiwynn, Intel, Nokia, Google, Microsoft, Seagate Technology, Dell, Rackspace, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NVIDIA, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Lenovo and Alibaba Group.

  7. Lexis (linguistics) - Wikipedia

    In linguistics, the term lexis (from Ancient Greek: λέξις / word) designates the complete set of all possible words in a language, or a particular subset of words that are grouped by some specific linguistic criteria.

  8. Tristan Harris - Wikipedia

    Tristan Harris (/ t r ɪ s ˈ t ɑː n /) is an American technology ethicist.He is the executive director and co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology.. Early in his career, Harris worked as a design ethicist at Google.

  9. Sheryl Sandberg - Wikipedia

    Sheryl Kara Sandberg (born August 28, 1969) is an American business executive, billionaire, and philanthropist. Sandberg served as chief operating officer (COO) of Meta Platforms, a position from which she stepped down in August 2022.