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  2. Facebook - Wikipedia

    Facebook enables users to control access to individual posts and their profile through privacy settings. The user's name and profile picture (if applicable) are public. Facebook's revenue depends on targeted advertising, which involves analyzing user data to decide which ads to show each user.

  3. Criticism of Facebook - Wikipedia

    Unfollow Everything is a browser extension created by Louis Barclay designed to help Facebook users reduce their time spent on the platform by mass unliking to reduce the clutter in their news feed. The extension, together with its creator, has been banned by Facebook and subject to legal warnings.

  4. Facebook Platform - Wikipedia

    Facebook Connect, also called Log in with Facebook, like OpenID, is a set of authentication APIs from Facebook that developers can use to help their users connect and share with such users' Facebook friends (on and off Facebook) and increase engagement for their website or application. When so used, Facebook members can log on to third-party ...

  5. Facebook like button - Wikipedia

    The Like button is one of Facebook's social plug-ins, which are features for websites outside Facebook as part of its Open Graph. Speaking at the company's F8 developer conference on April 21, 2010, the day of the launch, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said "We are building a Web where the default is social".

  6. Facebook Graph Search - Wikipedia

    Facebook Graph Search was a semantic search engine that was introduced by Facebook in March 2013. It was designed to give answers to user natural language queries rather than a list of links. [1] The name refers to the social graph nature of Facebook, which maps the relationships among users.

  7. List of mergers and acquisitions by Meta Platforms - Wikipedia

    Facebook Messenger: 70 Fayteq AG Germany: August 2017 undisclosed — — Facebook Live 71 tbh USA, Oakland, California October 16, 2017 undisclosed CEO Nikita Bier, CTO Erik Hazzard, Kyle Zaragoza, Nicolas Ducdodon — — 72 Confirm USA, Boston, Massachusetts January 23, 2018 undisclosed Bob Geiman, Ralph Rodriguez, Walt Doyle — —

  8. Olivia Hack - Wikipedia

    Olivia Catherine Hack (born June 16, 1983) is an American actress, best known for providing the voice of Rhonda Wellington Lloyd in Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold!, and for playing Cindy Brady in the 1990s theatrical Brady Bunch films.

  9. VK (service) - Wikipedia

    Any news published on the VK wall will appear on Facebook or Twitter. Certain news may not be published by clicking on the logo next to the "Send" button. Editing a post in VK does not change the post in Facebook or Twitter and vice versa. However, removing the news in VK will remove it from other social networks. SMS service. Russian users can ...