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  2. List of Facebook features - Wikipedia

    Marketplace. In 2007, Facebook introduced the Facebook Marketplace, allowing users to post classified ads within sale, housing, and jobs categories. However, the feature never gained traction, and in 2009, control was transferred to Oodle, the platform powering the functionality. The feature was then eventually shut down in 2014.

  3. Facebook - Wikipedia

    The Thailand government is forcing Facebook to take down a Facebook group called Royalist Marketplace with 1 million members following potentially illegal posts shared. The authority also threatened the Facebook representative of facing criminal proceeding.

  4. Facebook Platform - Wikipedia

    Prior to the Facebook platform, Facebook had built many applications themselves within the Facebook website, including Gifts, allowing users to send virtual gifts to each other, Marketplace, allowing users to post free classified ads, Facebook events, giving users a method of informing their friends about upcoming events, Video, letting users ...

  5. List of mergers and acquisitions by Meta Platforms - Wikipedia

    Facebook Marketplace: 81 Beat Games Czech Republic, Prague: November 2019 undisclosed — — Oculus Studio 82 PlayGiga Spain, Madrid: December 2019 70,000,000 — — — 83 Sanzaru Games USA, Foster City, California: February 2020 undisclosed — — Oculus Studio 84 Scape Technologies UK, London February 2020 ~40,000,000 —

  6. Zune software - Wikipedia

    Zune Marketplace was an online store that offered music, podcasts, TV shows, movies, music videos, and mobile applications. Content could be viewed or purchased on Windows PCs with the Zune software installed, Zune devices, the Xbox 360, Windows Phone phones, or the Microsoft Kin phones. Zune Music Marketplace has since been superseded by Xbox ...

  7. Propaganda through media - Wikipedia

    "Propaganda" was a term that was commonly used in 1914, the beginning of the World War, though its origin can be traced back to the ancient Greece. In Athens, the original place of western civilization as well as the centre of northern mediterranean culture [citation needed], the citizen class was conscious and well informed of their interests and public affairs.

  8. - Wikipedia

    Facebook. The Pogo Games Facebook application beta was released in March 2010. The application features 20+ Pogo titles that can be played within Facebook and includes features such as challenges, leaderboards and achievements. Like, the Facebook App is free to play with advertisements.

  9. Big Tech - Wikipedia

    The practice of banning of what is known as "hate speech" has also received public criticism as many of the targets tend to be conservatives.In July 2020, United States House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law held a congressional hearing of CEOs of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, where some members of the subcommittee raised concerns about alleged ...