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  2. Facebook - Wikipedia

    Facebook enables users to control access to individual posts and their profile through privacy settings. The user's name and profile picture (if applicable) are public. Facebook's revenue depends on targeted advertising, which involves analyzing user data to decide which ads to show each user.

  3. Facebook Platform - Wikipedia

    The Facebook Platform is the set of services, tools, ... 2011, but continued to support existing FBML tabs and applications. Since January 1, ...

  4. Criticism of Facebook - Wikipedia

    Lack of customer support. Facebook lacks any form of live customer support beyond "community" support pages and FAQ's which offer only general troubleshooting advice, often making it impossible to resolve issues that require the services of an administrator or are not covered in the FAQs.

  5. zstd - Wikipedia

    The AWS Redshift and RocksDB databases include support for field compression using Zstandard. In March 2018, Canonical tested the use of zstd as a deb package compression method by default for the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

  6. Stakeholder engagement - Wikipedia

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Stakeholder engagement is a key part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and achieving the triple bottom line.Companies engage their stakeholders in dialogue to find out what social and environmental issues matter most to them and involve stakeholders in the decision-making process.

  7. Social network game - Wikipedia

    The first cross-platform "Facebook-to-Mobile" social network game was developed in 2011 by a Finnish company Star Arcade. [6] [7] Social network games are amongst the most popular games played in the world, with several products with tens of millions of players. [8] (

  8. Causes (company) - Wikipedia

    Causes launched in 2007 as the first social advocacy application for Facebook. Users could create, join or browse causes focused on cause-related issues. Causes was used as a vehicle for community building, education, awareness, advocacy and fundraising. Causes was co-founded by Sean Parker and Joe Green.

  9. Yair Lapid - Wikipedia

    Yair Lapid (Hebrew: יָאִיר לַפִּיד, transliterated: Yāʾīr Lapīð, IPA: [jaˈʔiʁ laˈpid]; born 5 November 1963) is an Israeli politician and former journalist who has been serving as the 14th prime minister of Israel since 1 July 2022.