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  2. Internet fraud - Wikipedia

    Internet ticket fraud. A variation of Internet marketing fraud offers tickets to sought-after events such as concerts, shows, and sports events. The tickets are fake or are never delivered. The proliferation of online ticket agencies and the existence of experienced and dishonest ticket resellers has fueled this kind of fraud.

  3. SIM swap scam - Wikipedia

    A SIM swap scam (also known as port-out scam, SIM splitting, Smishing and simjacking, SIM swapping) is a type of account takeover fraud that generally targets a weakness in two-factor authentication and two-step verification in which the second factor or step is a text message (SMS) or call placed to a mobile telephone. Method

  4. Money mule - Wikipedia

    In 2010, The FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force, composed of Federal, State, and Local law enforcement, charged more than 37 defendants involved in a highly organized money mule scheme, facilitated by the Zeus Financial Trojan. This group of money mules opened several bank accounts, using both real and fake identification, to receive stolen funds from ...

  5. Scareware - Wikipedia

    Scam scareware. Internet security writers use the term "scareware" to describe software products that produce frivolous and alarming warnings or threat notices, most typically for fictitious or useless commercial firewall and registry cleaner software. This class of program tries to increase its perceived value by bombarding the user with ...

  6. Insurance fraud - Wikipedia

    According to the FBI, non-health insurance fraud costs an estimated $40 billion per year, which increases the premiums for the average U.S. family between $400 and $700 annually. Another study of all types of fraud committed in the United States insurance institutions (property-and-casualty, business liability, healthcare, social security, etc ...

  7. Allen Stanford - Wikipedia

    Robert Allen Stanford (born March 24, 1950) is an American financial fraudster, former financier, and sponsor of professional sports. He is serving a 110-year federal prison sentence, having been convicted in 2012 of fraud, on charges that his investment company was the vehicle for a massive Ponzi scheme.

  8. List of Ponzi schemes - Wikipedia

    This scam was led by Damara Bertges and Hans G√ľnther Spachtholz. In the Swiss canton of Uri and Glarus, it was estimated that about one adult in ten invested into the EKC. The scam involved buying "letters" valued at 1,400 Swiss francs that entitled buyers to receive 12 monthly payments of 200 Swiss francs.

  9. List of The Sopranos characters - Wikipedia

    He is a FBI chief of Newark FBI Organized Crime Division Task Force with offices in 11 Center Place Newark, New Jersey who is constantly looking for new insight on the ongoing Soprano/DiMeo case. It was his idea to bug Green Grove Retirement Community when Tony Soprano, Jimmy Altieri and Larry Boy Barese move in their mothers, despite other ...