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  2. Federated States of Micronesia Football Association - Wikipedia

    History 1992-1996: Early years. Football (soccer) has been played in the Federated States of Micronesia informally, and at the school level, for over 20 years. It was not until 1992 that a serious attempt was made to improve the level of organized play in the country, especially among the indigenous populations of the states that make up the Federated States of Micronesia.

  3. Mutual funds in India - Wikipedia

    Mutual funds are an under-tapped market in India. Despite being available in the market, less than 10% of Indian households have invested in mutual funds. A recent report on Mutual Fund Investments in India published by research and analytics firm, Boston Analytics, suggests investors are holding back from putting their money into mutual funds due to their perceived high risk and a lack of ...

  4. Unitised insurance fund - Wikipedia

    Unitised insurance funds or unit-linked insurance funds are a form of collective investment offered life assurance policies. [1] An insurance company's contract may offer a choice of unit-linked funds to invest in. Insurers that offer these contracts are mainly found in the UK and British Isles offshore financial centres .

  5. Offshore fund - Wikipedia

    For example, feeder funds in a master-feeder structure are often exempted from the requirement to appoint a custodian, and the requirement to maintain a custodian may be waived where the prime broker also fulfils the role of custodian. Most jurisdictions also require that offshore funds submit audited accounts to the regulatory annually.

  6. Investment fund - Wikipedia

    Both funds are run by Investment Company (KUA - kompania z upravlinnya actyvami). Funds and companies regulated and supervised by DKTsPFR (Securities and stock market state commission) Greece. We could say that a mutual fund is a pool of money which belongs to many investors.

  7. Closed-end fund - Wikipedia

    Availability. Closed-end funds are typically traded on the major global stock exchanges.In the United States the New York Stock Exchange is dominant although the NASDAQ is in competition; in the United Kingdom the London Stock Exchange's main market is home to the mainstream funds although AIM supports many small funds especially the venture capital trusts; in Canada, the Toronto Stock ...

  8. Capital Group Companies - Wikipedia

    Funds. As of 2019, it had 36 funds. Growth Fund of America, founded in 1973, was the largest actively-managed fund as of 2020 with around $150 billion. Ownership. As of 2019, the company is owned by 450 partners. Offices. Capital Group employs more than 7,500 associates worldwide.

  9. Active management - Wikipedia

    The second is the Morningstar Active-Passive Barometer, which compares actively managed funds to passively managed funds. Both reports are published semi-annually and use a similar approach, namely: They group funds into categories based on investment type (e.g., emerging market stocks, municipal bonds).