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  2. Adobe Fonts - Wikipedia

    Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit) is an online service that provides its subscribers with access to its font library, under a single licensing agreement. The fonts may be used directly on websites, [2] or synced via Adobe Creative Cloud to applications on the subscriber's computers.

  3. PostScript fonts - Wikipedia

    Type 1 (also known as PostScript, PostScript Type 1, PS1, T1 or Adobe Type 1) is the font format for single-byte digital fonts for use with Adobe Type Manager software and with PostScript printers. It can support font hinting . It was originally a proprietary specification, but Adobe released the specification to third-party font manufacturers ...

  4. Unicode font - Wikipedia

    Background. The Unicode standard does not specify or create any font (), a collection of graphical shapes called glyphs, itself.Rather, it defines the abstract characters as a specific number (known as a code point) and also defines the required changes of shape depending on the context the glyph is used in (e.g., combining characters, precomposed characters and letter-diacritic combinations).

  5. List of monospaced typefaces - Wikipedia

    Download as PDF; Printable version ... This list of monospaced typefaces details standard monospaced fonts used in classical typesetting and printing. Samples of ...

  6. Papyrus (typeface) - Wikipedia

    Papyrus (typeface) Papyrus is a typeface designed by Chris Costello, a graphic designer, illustrator, and web designer. Created in 1982 and released by Linotype, it has a number of distinctive characteristics, including rough edges, irregular curves, and high horizontal strokes in the capitals.

  7. Gill Sans - Wikipedia

    Gill Kayo. Gill Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Eric Gill and released by the British branch of Monotype from 1928 onwards. Gill Sans is based on Edward Johnston 's 1916 "Underground Alphabet", the corporate font of London Underground. As a young artist, Gill had assisted Johnston in its early development stages.

  8. Serif - Wikipedia

    Serifed fonts are widely used for body text because they are considered easier to read than sans-serif fonts in print. Colin Wheildon, who conducted scientific studies from 1982 to 1990, found that sans serif fonts created various difficulties for readers that impaired their comprehension. [73]

  9. Impact (typeface) - Wikipedia

    Impact is a sans-serif typeface in the industrial or grotesk style designed by Geoffrey Lee in 1965 and released by the Stephenson Blake foundry of Sheffield. [1] It is well known for having been included in the core fonts for the Web package and distributed with Microsoft Windows since Windows 98. In the 2010s, it gained popularity for its use ...

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