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  2. High-Logic - Wikipedia

    On April 23, 2008 High-Logic released Scanahand, a font generator for Windows that allows the user to print out a form, manually fill in the glyphs, scan it into the program and generate new fonts. The most recent version, Scanahand 7.0, was released in January 2020 and last updated in July 2020.

  3. Font editor - Wikipedia

    A font editor is a class of application software specifically designed to create or modify font files. Font editors differ greatly depending on if they are designed to edit bitmap fonts or outline fonts. Most modern font editors deal with the outline fonts. Bitmap fonts uses an older technology and are most commonly used in console applications ...

  4. Zalgo text - Wikipedia

    Zalgo text, also known as cursed text due to the nature of its use, is digital text that has been modified with numerous combining characters, Unicode symbols used to add diacritics above or below letters, to appear frightening or glitchy . Named for a 2004 Internet creepypasta story that ascribes it to the influence of an eldritch deity, Zalgo ...

  5. Font - Wikipedia

    In metal typesetting, a font is a particular size, weight and style of a typeface. Each font is a matched set of type, with a piece (a "sort") for each glyph. A typeface consists of various fonts that share an overall design. In the 21st century, with the advent of computer fonts, the terms "font" and "typeface" are often used interchangeably ...

  6. Customize your Inbox theme, font size and layout in AOL Mail

    If the font size in your messages list and emails is causing readability issues, changing it may help. To increase the font size: 1. Click the Settings Icon. 2. Toggle on Enable large text size to increase text size. To switch back to the default font size, toggle this setting off again.

  7. List of monospaced typefaces - Wikipedia

    Samples of Monospaced typefaces. Typeface name. Example 1. Example 2. Example 3. Anonymous Pro. [1] Bitstream Vera Sans Mono.

  8. Kabel (typeface) - Wikipedia

    Kabel is a geometric sans-serif typeface that was designed by the German designer Rudolf Koch and released by the Klingspor foundry from 1927 onward. [1] Kabel belongs to the "geometric" style of sans-serifs, which was becoming popular in Germany during its creation. Based loosely on the structure of the circle and straight lines, it ...

  9. Perpetua (typeface) - Wikipedia

    Perpetua (typeface) Perpetua is a serif typeface that was designed by the English sculptor and stonemason Eric Gill for the British Monotype Corporation. Perpetua was commissioned at the request of Stanley Morison, an influential historian of printing and adviser to Monotype around 1925, when Gill's reputation as a leading artist-craftsman was ...

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