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  2. Salary calculator - Wikipedia

    A salary calculator is an online application that provides salary information to the user. The majority of websites offering salary information use a salary calculator function to present this data. The salary calculator will request a search term, city, and state or zip code as an input.

  3. Do You Know What’s Being Deducted From Your Paycheck? - AOL

    Your employer also withholds Social Security and Medicare taxes, known as FICA payroll taxes. Generally, 6.2% of your income is taken out for Social Security taxes and 1.45% is taken out for...

  4. What You Actually Take Home From a $200,000 Salary in Every State

    Take-home pay: $148,415 Although Connecticut has a high top-end state income tax rate of 6.50% for the highest earning residents. Residents earning $200,000 still face a 6.5% or 6% rate,...

  5. State income tax - Wikipedia

    Eight states impose no state income tax, and a ninth, New Hampshire, imposes an individual income tax on dividends and interest income but not other forms of income (though it will be phased out by 2027). Forty-seven states and many localities impose a tax on the income of corporations. [1]

  6. Payroll tax - Wikipedia

    Employee payroll tax is made up of assigned taxes for the three branches of the social security system and includes both basic and supplementary coverage. Different percentages apply depending on thresholds that are multiples of the social security earnings ceiling (in 2012 = 36,372 euro per year). [13]

  7. What Are the 2020-2021 Federal Tax Brackets and Tax Rates?

    These three are the most important: The standard deduction for joint filers increases by $300 over 2020 levels to $25,100 in 2021. For individuals, it rises by $150 to $12,550. As mandated by the...

  8. Withholding your taxes -- what's the right amount?

    The amount withheld for Medicare is 1.45% on all earnings. Federal income tax withholding is not a flat rate and is based on your individual circumstances. The best way to figure out the correct...

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    related to: free nyc payroll calculator