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  2. 504 Synonyms & Antonyms of FREE - Merriam-Webster

    Definition of free. 1. as in independent. not being under the rule or control of another the 20th century saw many African countries become free after many years of European rule. Synonyms & Similar Words.

  3. Free Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    1. a. : having the legal and political rights of a citizen. b. : enjoying civil and political liberty. a free people. c. : enjoying political independence or freedom from outside domination. these united colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent States Declaration of Independence.

  4. Free Definition & Meaning |

    provided without, or not subject to, a charge or payment: free parking; a free sample. given without consideration of a return or reward: a free offer of legal advice. unimpeded, as motion or movement; easy, firm, or swift.

  5. Free Fire on the App Store

    Download Free Fire and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Free Fire, the world-famous survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival.

  6. Something that costs nothing is free. We can also say that someone is free of pain, which means they have none. This word has many meanings. On Mondays, admission to some museums is free — there's no charge. Often, people say the best things in life are free, usually meaning love and friendship.

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  8. Free Fire MAX - Apps on Google Play

    Free Fire MAX is designed exclusively to deliver premium gameplay experience in a Battle Royale. Enjoy a variety of exciting game modes with all Free Fire players via exclusive Firelink technology....

  9. Free - Wikipedia

    Freedom, having the ability to do something, without having to obey anyone/anything. Freethought, a position that beliefs should be formed only on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism. Emancipate, to procure political rights, as for a disenfranchised group.

  10. Free! - Wikipedia!

    Free! is a Japanese anime television series produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do. The series is loosely based on the light novel, High Speed! (Japanese: ハイ☆スピード!, Hepburn: Hai Supīdo!

  11. Free (band) - Wikipedia

    Free were an English rock band formed in London in 1968 by Paul Rodgers (lead vocals), Paul Kossoff (guitar), Andy Fraser (bass, piano) and Simon Kirke (drums, percussion). They are known for their hit songs "All Right Now" and "Wishing Well". [1]