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  2. Script (Unicode) - Wikipedia

    The value of "unknown" script (ISO 15924 code Zzzz) is given to unassigned, private-use, noncharacter, and surrogate code points. Character categories within scripts [ edit] Unicode provides a general category property for each character. So in addition to belonging to a script every character also has a general category.

  3. hreflang - Wikipedia

    Search engines use hreflang to understand the lingual and geographical targeting of websites and use the information to show the right URL in search results, depending on user language and region preference. There are 3 basic scenarios that can be covered with hreflang: Same country, different languages Different countries, different languages

  4. NotScripts - Wikipedia

    NotScripts was a free and open-source extension for Google Chrome, Chromium, and Opera web browsers. NotScripts blocked execution of JavaScript, Java, Flash, Silverlight, and other plugins and scripted content. NotScripts used a whitelist to allow execution of scripts from certain sites. NotScripts has been abandoned by the developer.

  5. Unicode subscripts and superscripts - Wikipedia

    In many popular fonts the Unicode "superscript" and "subscript" characters are actually numerator and denominator glyphs. Unicode has subscripted and superscripted versions of a number of characters including a full set of Arabic numerals. [1] These characters allow any polynomial, chemical and certain other equations to be represented in plain ...

  6. ISO 15924 - Wikipedia

    ISO 15924, Codes for the representation of names of scripts, is an international standard defining codes for writing systems or scripts (a "set of graphic characters used for the written form of one or more languages"). Each script is given both a four-letter code and a numeric code. [1]

  7. Klingon scripts - Wikipedia

    The Klingon scripts are fictional alphabetic scripts used in the Star Trek movies and television shows to write the Klingon language . In Marc Okrand 's The Klingon Dictionary, the Klingon script is called pIqaD, but no information is given about it. When Klingon letters are used in Star Trek productions, they are merely decorative graphic ...

  8. Programming languages used in most popular websites

    One thing the most visited websites have in common is that they are dynamic websites.Their development typically involves server-side coding, client-side coding and database technology.

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    related to: free site search script codes